Thursday, 18 February 2016

Finding your inner child.

Sand sculptures on display at Surfers Paradise.

It really wasn't the day for it, but we trooped off into town to have a little look at this year's sand sculptures. They really are bloody fabulous! We parked up and wandered past the tourist shit shops and dodged all the touts and got to the iconic sign at the beach and opted for a left turn. The displays are impressive. 

But, then the heat just seemed to slap us about the face and I turned beetroot. Steve reckons I was completely a-glow. So the rest of the sculptures had to wait for another day and we went in search of a coffee, but there was a pre-requisite of pumping air-con. 

It was like a case of Goldilocks, 'this one is too hot, this one's too crowded, and this one looks a bit shit'. But we found our way back to Max Benners, which without even the slightest hint of scientific research, I found to be the coldest along the highway and the various arcades.

So like little Miss Muffet I sat on my big fat bum under the cranked up air con vents that were seriously spilling out the chill and we chomped our way through some very chocolatey and I am sure low calorie, waffles smothered in melted choc and ice cream. The coffees were hardly important after that lot! But they were OK.

There's also a pop-up photographic exhibition which seemed to be like a treasure hunt. We successfully rumbled a couple of galleries and some of the photos really appealed. There are also inflatable fishy things hanging out of random buildings which are ok, but I felt that they looked a bit faded.

But really it was just too bloody hot, so it was home to the pool.

When is it gonna be winter?

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