Monday, 22 February 2016

Birthdays, Growing up, but where has my mind gone?

It's the little fella's birthday this weekend, and for the first time in his life, his father is giving the party.  My gorgeous girl and I are feeling more than a little sad about it all, cos we are missing out on it and even though we have sorted to have a little dinner party with just a couple of his mates next Monday night, and Mum will still be sculpting a cake according to his specifications,  and we will of course still be taking treaties up to the school so he can be the stuff of kids' attention for at least as long as the sugar lasts, it is the end of an era.

He is off to High school next year and there will be no treaties day then. So this year is the last one. The last time when he is a little fella. Next year he might well be too big to allow an in public cuddle from Mummy or Ma and I just bet he will be too big and too cool for smooches and  games of 'Tickle me' will be a thing of history. I am planning to enjoy this last little bit of little fella-dom.

My lovely and I are gonna go and enroll him in his high school tomorrow, although I cannot remember exactly what is involved. I enrolled Belly in 4 different schools, but senility has set in and I have no recollection of what is involved. I reckon that proof of address will be needed cos the closest school, is by happy coincidence a real goodie, and is bound to be oversubscribed so some proof will be needed and as an old teacher I reckon it would be useful to bring along his last school report, so the high school will have some clue about what to expect from him. But really I am just making this up. I can't remember the process at all. He is excited about going to high school and so it will be cool to be able to let him know he is all set to go as part of his birthday parcels.

We all enjoyed the air con at Carindale shopping  centre last Tuesday and to keep us busy while we waited for it to be dinner time, we trooped along and Zig modeled next to any item which he thought might make a fine pressie. I was spoiled for choice! And because my mind is going the way of all sad limp organics, I took photos of everything on my phone. Yippee, cos that means that tomorrow when we go looking for the LIST, we can follow the photo cues, and end up with some great loot, and enjoy the air-con again.

Birthdays are a big deal in our family. It's all about the effort and thought and the cake must not just look good, it must be yummy, lucky that Belly is a master! So even though we are a bit locked out of the fun on the actual day this year., we are gonna make up for it when we all get together for some loud craziness and lots of food and plenty of candles and oodles of sugar.

Roll on the last year of the little fella, I'm gonna enjoy it all

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