Friday, 5 February 2016

Byron Bay - a Village in 2 halves.

It's my girl's birthday weekend coming up and I figured that as our tastes are wildly different Byron Bay might be THE place to go for a parcel of compromise, you know something a bit hippy dippy alternate but also well made and not, well not from the shit shop.

Byron has rather exploded in size over the last few years, well maybe decade. And there are the cheap Bali-esque incense stinky clothes and colourful handies and thongs, and a quick stroll away you have your choice of hand woven silk and cotton Peruvian floor rugs for an appalling price. And in between there are in-between places where some of the stuff is cheap and cheerful and some of it is priced so to take your breath away along with the exaggerated swipe of your credit card.

You can buy incense and incense burners for about a penny or else you can part with large amounts of wonga for a designer candle or some of those oil reedy bottle things.

There are ethically produced bits and pieces and stuff that you just know has been thrown together by children who should be at school.

Diamonds sit happily side by side the plastic crap and designer food smells waft by the chippie.

Accommodation varies from flash to hostel and there are people who proudly parade along in their bare feet with their arse hanging out of their pants and they walk happily beside folk in designer bits and bobs. There are oldies and youngies and all sorts of accents and languages.

It is a wonderful place just to sit and people watch.

I am hoping that I have done OK on the birthday shopping, Sunday will be the acid test, cos she has not fallen far from the tree in terms of honest facial reactions.

If you are on the Goldie it's a very easy hour's drive on the motorway south. Take plenty of change for the parking cos the machines are still not taking a credit card swipe, and if you are gonna be a while and I really suggest that you are, park up just a little out of the main area where there is 4 hour parking ($3/hour)

If you are driving close by, why not pop in and stay for a couple of days, the beaches are lovely and there is plenty of accommodation to choose from.

I always love an outing to Byron.

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