Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How much Tellie is too much?

I have no memory of a life without a Tellie. I think in Australia, broadcasting started when I was born, maybe in celebration of the blessed event, but maybe not.

My lovely Dad was an early very keen convert from wireless to the box. He did have a very flash HMV stereo in a custom box with matching king-sized speakers and a little transistor radio which he manically tuned into on a Saturday afternoon for 'The Races', but his passion was for the tellie. It was on ALL THE TIME.

He'd get home from work and shower and climb into his sometimes cringe worthy Jarmies and plant his bum in his favourite chair and there he would stay. If our friends popped in he'd greet them with a smile and a seriously delivered, ' SSSHHHHH' and it wouldn't be until the ads that any conversation was allowed. The fact that he was in his PJs seemed less strange than his obsession with the box.

As soon as colour tellies came out we had one and video players and then there was the joy that can only be a remote control. Yeh the whole family was thrilled with that cos it meant that we kids didn't have to get up to change the channel, yippee for us and it meant that he could watch 2 or 3 shows at a time, yeh that's where I get it from.

Some pretty monumental evenings have passed by in front of the box, a boyfriend's car got totaled outside the house as it was smashed into and pushed almost into the front of the house by a speeding drunk. Dad waited for the ads before he popped out in his Pjs onto the road to view the damage and made the executive decision not to call the police cos if they guy was breathalised then his insurance would not cover the repairs, and then he went back to his show. All hell might be breaking loose but as there was no pause button on the box back in the day, he didn't want to miss a second.

When my to-be-husband rocked up one evening to ask for his permission to marry me, yeh how old fashioned was that! Dad sat there in his night shirt I think and the poor fella had to spit out his request during the ads. I suppose it gave everyone some thinking time before speaking in the next set of ads.

So I have grown up with a love for the box. The malaise I feel during the 'down time' over the summer is very real and my spirits are much improved as soon as the rating season starts in February.

The reality shows are recorded and watched in ridiculous fast forward and new shows are watched with anticipation akin to trying out a new ice cream flavour at Baskins.

So to the 'Here Comes the Habibs' which premiered last night. I thought it was just very disappointing. Often I got the very strong impression that it had been written and directed for a live Stage performance rather than tellie and I guess as a nod to the PC brigade the stereotypes were just all a bit bland. The dialogue seems to have been been agreed to by committee and so is not the least bit edgy. I am disappointed cos I rather thought this could have been an opportunity to break down some barriers.

I am soo pleased that technology now allows recording or 2 shows at a time cos it means that there is something in reserve for the dry spell, and no I don't believe I will be bothering recording the Habibs, once was more than enough for me.

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