Tuesday, 16 February 2016


So there is an online game for bloggers which wants people to write a story everyday using the alphabet as the stimulus. So, you know, you start at A and work your way through.

I thought this sounded a bit contrived to start with and I sent off a question about penalties for not managing the schedule and got nothing back, and it's supposed to be in March I think, but I am not sure, but anyway after some consideration I thought I'd give it a bit of a bash, cos contrived or not, it sounds a bit tricky and I do like a challenge, and as I don't play well with others, I am giving it a go on my own, unless anyone wants to join me?

So back to AAAudience.

No this is not what you might be expecting.

Yesterday I was out on the pool deck, using my brand new replacement for my favourite but broken gadget - the pressure washer. I love this machine. There is such a sense of achievement as you watch all that mold and shit fly off all the hard surfaces in the yard.

Now I would be kidding you to pretend that this fella is quiet, it makes a pretty big noise, not an obnoxious one like the leaf blower, but it's still loud. Loud enough to attract an audience in the park. The noise apparently upset a number of the local dogs, which should not come as any surprise given that my Dibley was well and truly cowering away from me.

What was disappointing was that whilst these folk stood and watched the black shit slid off the walls and the bat shit flew off the glass, there was no cheering when I finally turned the brute off. I rather expected that at least someone would have said 'Thank fuck for that!', but there was nothing.

It's hard to see the full benefit of your work while the surfaces are still wet, cos the stains sort of show up more, but this morning's look see has shown a big improvement. There are still marks but even with the clean grout the space looks so much better. Where is the cheer squad waving pom poms and doing the splits?

But the ultimate opinion is mine and there is no doubt inn my mind that it was worth the effort. Next time I connect it all up I am gonna give that fountain statue a good going over. That should bring a smile to her face.

So who wants to play A-Z?
And tomorrow is BBBBB That's pretty safe cos there aren't too many swear words that start with B

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