Monday, 8 February 2016

How much of a protest do you have in you?

Today I got a brief  email half answer from my councillor, about the deceitful little two step that has not only allowed but funded the stinking shitful bike track right across the middle of the off the leash dog park next door.

He only answered 2 of my questions and has ignored the rest.

He finally copped that the request came 'from his office', not of course from HIM or HIS PA, but he has a very clever little OFFICE that can generate requests to the Parks people and fill in what I imagine are copious forms, all by itself, what a clever little office in deed.This after all the bullshit about it being a Parks Department initiative etc etc.

He bragged that the project came in under budget at a mere $20,000. And as there were between 3 and 5 workers - yeh I am using the term loosely, for 3 weeks, including I presume double time on Saturdays, then I imagine the budget didn't include labour. Either that or these poor fellows were working for not very much - anything of course is too much in my opinion. The woman at the Parks Department said that the council did not budget and quote like what happens in the 'real world', so what the $20,000 actually covered is anyone's guess - yeh neat round figure, I thought that too.

I have now heard 3 explanations from Mr Councillor of the $150,000 a year plus expenses fame.
The cementway is for:
Wheelchair access.
Safety for the park - to be fair that came from his fill-in PA.
A walking track.

Yeh no mention of it being a BIKE path, even though the woman from the council told me it was now a designated shared Pedestrian/Bike path, but this was the same woman who said she had been onsite in the park and was party to the design of the concrete monstrosity, but who oddly enough has such poor comprehension skills that the signs about it being an off the leash dog park were useless to her, so who the fuck knows what she really knows.

Perhaps there is a need in the council for someone to design signs with pictures only for those poor fucks who cannot read. Oh shit I have probably just given 'em an idea for the set up of a whole new department!

Social media debates this week have centred on what would be admirable qualities in politicians.

Well first and foremost I want someone who just tells the fucking truth!

I want someone who's first response is not to come up with a fabrication to protect their own arse, because they don't do or say anything that they need to hide.

I want someone who has a real interest in and proven ability to serve their constituents. Not some lying stinking arse who grabs at the public purse, not only with their 2 hands, but who lines up a backhoe and a tip truck, and goes the industrial siphon.

So this fella has a competitor in the up coming election race for Division 10. I had a look at her and even though anyone will get my vote ahead of the fella who has bald faced lied to me, I am concerned that the only thing I can remember about her is that she is a - yeh I have to whisper it, so lean in, she's a naturopath.

The race is between someone who has lied to my face or someone who lies to themselves. It will take me a while to come to grips with this choice.

In the mean time everywhere I go I am confronted with election signs for the fella. I want to get a spray can and write LIAR all over 'em.

Steve is worried that I will get arrested. I reckon it wouldn't happen cos the fella would have to lay charges I think, cos the signs are his property, but it would be a little unseemly for an old grannie to be dragged off to jail. So then I thought I could just make my own LIAR signs and pop them above or below his signs. Steve reckons they would cost a fortune and wouldn't last a minute.

It might be that I am more pissed off than anyone else because all the lies have been dropped into my inbox or my shell like ears, but I really feel I need to do something.

I have waged war via the online news but that is really just not satisfying enough.

I have looked into running against him, but honestly I have left it far too late. His competition started part way through last year, and I reckon it would take me til just a few days before the apocalypse to clean up my social media pages and wash my mouth out with enough soap to see me able to chat with my more conservative constituents, and there are sure plenty of them.

So my question is, What would you do?

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