Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Perfect Hamburger?

A group of us Locals got together for a catch-up and a giggle last night, and after starting with a couple of beers, in house, we wandered up the road to a newish place on Chevron Island called OBSESSION. It has made a bit of a name for itself because of its burgers.

Now I reckon that a burger needs to be able to be eaten by grabbing it and squashing it down and if there is no juice leaking out all over you clothes, or the plate if you have one, then it's not a real good one.

In my younger years, after a hectic night on the grog and the dance floor, I had been know to drag my weary arse out of bed at some ungodly hour and go looking for a MaccieDs. When I was first single again, it perhaps wasn't too coincidental that my flat was only 2 little streets away from the Golden arches, and so a roll down to the drive through with no car was not only possible but a pretty common event. The burger and chips and the ice cream sunday with extra chocolate sauce was my hangover cure of choice and whilst it all slid down easily enough, it was let's face pretty shit. There was no squashability required and the only drippage was the sunday as it melted if I was too slow shoveling in the rest of it. Yeh The Big Mac is not a burger of note in my humble opinion. It's has been a while since I have had the need to adjust my views but not long enough I reckon.

But last night's fare was much improved.

The menu is long and complicated and takes quite a lot of reading, seriously it would be easier just to ask for what you wanted on the bloody burger rather than plough through the twee names and descriptions. Not quite the 'War and Peace' manuscript, but close.

So I ordered the Russell Crowe- no, I don't know why it's called that! I asked for it without onion rings or pineapple. I don't know when pineapple ever added anything good to a sandwich or a burger. I like a bit of pineapple but on a Pav, not as part of the main meal, just the dessert.

Seriously I wish I had taken a photo of it cos a small family could move into a space smaller than what it took up on the plate. It was held together by a full size meat skewer and just as well. It was beyond squashable, but I was hungry and determined.

Out came the skewer and off came the top. I slide off the bacon and the soft fried egg and popped the top back on. I couldn't recall reading about the egg and might have asked for it be left off had I noticed it, but sliding it off atop the bacon strip was not too difficult and later one of the fellas chomped up the bacon so not too much was wasted.

There was a perfectly cooked beef patty, which unlike the chain store places has some good texture and the fulsome flavour of the griddle grease and a slight char. There was beetroot, and tomato and lettuce and cheese and some really yummy onion jam stuff and as I went the chomp, a big puddle of sauce and juice appeared on my plate.

There was one of those trendy little deep fat frier wire baskets with some sweet and ordinary potato chips. I would have preferred just the plain ones cos sweet potato is YUK and far too close to pumpkin for my liking and I didn't like it that they were touching, but you can hardly expect a restaurant to pander to everyone's little bit of craziness.

6 plates were were emptied apart from the juice soup.

The 5 of us who's meals arrived together were more than happy, the hungry little caterpillar who's burger had seemingly fallen into an abyss was less so. The staff did their best to fix the oopsie and took a little off the price of that one burger. Fair enough! ( I might not be thinking this if it had been my patience that was tested.)

This restaurant has taken over a much used space. Seems that restaurants change hands often on Chevron. They make great burgers so I really wish them well. If you are down this way, pop your reading glasses in your handie and give it a try, it's better by far than  stuff from the Arches, oh and if you are a chilli fan they have a burger challenge which you might find interesting.

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