Friday, 11 September 2015

Spot the difference.

This is the very pommie view from the balcony of our flat.

More than 20 years ago when Belly and I first landed in Blighty, we knew we had arrived and were sorted cos we managed to get through immigration and my cousins were at the airport with their car to take us back to their place....Yeh a very Aussie visit in deed. We unpacked and ate, and spoke to Greg and Margaret about a little plan for the few weeks we were gonna be with 'em. We had POUNDS in our pockets and a little credit card for just in case, and we were off.

Yesterday when we pulled into Heathrow, Steve and I both pulled out our Red Passports - yeh his was real and mine though real too is more like his Blue one. We had pre-paid car hire and so caught the shuttle bus to the pick up office, not too far away. Manoeuvring all that luggage was a damn site easier than picking up the car which had been paid for in advance. Seriously the car hire place needs a little lesson from Greg and Margaret in how to get people sorted and on their way.

More than an hour later we were off and you guessed it, hunting for a place we could get a UK sim card for the phone...(only a landline the first time around - lucky or what!) Did you know that 'pay-as-you-go' sim cards come in 3 different sizes to fit all phones? Well they do and so once one was sourced and stuck in we rang our landlord, Will, who said he was on his way to show us in and around.

Maybe it's an age thing, but I began to sway and feel a little nauseous about 7 o'clock as I started unpacking. Steve had no such problem as he was off on a bus to meet a mate for drinks - now that's what I call staying power. I thought the fact that I managed to log into the flat's WiFi was a remarkable feat.

I ran across the road to M&S for some tea bags, bread and milk and then threw myself into a shower, but as I hadn't found the wash stuff, I managed to get all a bit unnecessary as I scrubbed away with my peppermint shampoo...maybe I should recommend this to the ladies of the night?

I fixed some toast  and settled on the couch, where I promptly feel asleep and finally took myself off to bed at 8.30 like a real old Granny. Of course I have been awake since 2.12am, ho fucking hum...Will do better tonight. 

So today I need to get my phone sorted and grab an OYSTER card so I can get around on the buses and train etc and I need to go to the bank to activate my pommie cards, cos usually they let me have a go once and then cancel the bloody things cos they can't work out how come all of a sudden someone is using 'em to buy a coffee - hardly the most common purchase of a fraudster. But as we are in a flat just above my bank, this should be a doddle.

I haven't been out of the flat yet so I have not negotiated the re-entry procedure - 2 different security coded pads and 2 different locks, but I am sure that I will get it sorted today. Before Steve went out last night I suggested that he write down the 2 codes on his hand and he got all offended cos it was only 8 little numbers, but I know I would have been bollocksed - pommie parlance for buggered.

Buses tootling past

The double deckers are trundling passed the flat and I do love 'em. The urban noise is far different from the rural nature of Bagshot, where Belly and I stayed the first time. But the biggest difference this time compare to 20 years ago is that I feel like I am home. The place is so familiar. Steve and I even managed a disagreement about the best route from airport to Twickenham so I sure do know my way around.

It is lovely to be back. Another day and I will be good to go.

Look out London!

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