Saturday, 5 September 2015

These Vacuum Baggies are Crap

So the spare room has become a dumping ground for those weird bits and pieces you just can't live without, but will routinely forget to pack when you are in the final flurry. When I walked in there this morning, I saw an explosion that might well be what is disturbing Dog.
The carefully packed and suckered out topper had marshmallowed out of the bloody suitcase and when I tried sucking it out again, I heard a whizzy noise and discovered that there was in deed a leak not in the zipper bit but in the flat part away from corners...Not a bad effort for a $20 bit of plastic.
Steve got up me cos I had been bloody minded and refused to get a bag from Howards Storage after the bullshit service over the kitchen rubbish bin, but that's another story. He rather naively suggested that if I had spent 20 bucks there the baggie would have been a good one. Lucky he wasn't standing by the stairs when I told him that I HAD paid 20 bucks for this piece of shit from Target. He'd have taken a tumble and we haven't got insurance to cover that. I reckon his silence might well have been covering his calculation of the cost at Howard's if Target are charging 20 bucks.
So I have had to reconsider the taking of the topper and I know this saga has been ridiculously long and on going, but instead of thinking of me, imagine the Princess and the Pea story, except that it is not lumps that worry me as much as the concrete type lack of lumps.
I'm gonna try inverting the bedding and will pop the doona on the bottom and sleep on top of it all. Not sure how the sheets will fit, so the logistics of this will need some practical investigation, but the really exciting thing about this revelation is that I can take another 5 KILOS of stuff, perhaps another handie and definitely another pair of shoes or 2, and some extra boredom fighting clothes. Yippee!
So there is the silver lining... there nearly always is one.
But I am left wondering if I can be arsed trying to return the faulty piece of poo. I would have to take the topper out and then try to fold the plastic as it was before. Yeh that'd be like trying to re-fold a large map sheet, something untested by the Sat-Nav generation, and then take it back and have the 12 year old stare at me like I am some sort of devious retard who purposefully misused the baggie, or maybe I have swapped it for an old brittle one, which could well resemble my demeanour.
I haven't read the small print on the box but I would not be the least bit surprised to find that you are in fact prohibited from putting something soft into the bag and vacuuming out the air with an electronic device. Perhaps I was meant to suck it out with a straw? Or maybe I was not supposed to pop the baggie into a suitcase because it is claustrophobic and has a fear of flying so it shit itself on purpose to avoid travelling further than to the linen cupboard. 
Anyway I am guessing that it might be pretty obvious that a return is not on the cards.
It's a good thing that I am more flexible than the 'Original Space Bag'

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