Saturday, 19 September 2015

Rugby World Cup

You could be forgiven for thinking that the reason for popping over to Blighty this time, was to go to a wedding or to catch-up with folk, or go shopping or use up frequent flier points or maybe I just really wanted to see if it was possible to get on a plane without having a panic attack. But none of this explains what we are doing here. Nope, it's the footy, not soccer and not the NRL - although the finals will be watched if I can find 'em on the tellie here, but the Rugby Union, and it started today. The rest is just happy serendipity.

From the funny little kitchen window, I can see the smoke from the crackers at Twickenham Stadium which is a bit odd cos I am also watching it on the tellie. Steve of course is with the fellas at the Grasshoppers Rugby Club which also rather strangely featured heavily on the news tonight. It is like being caught in some sort of parallel universe seeing stuff on the tellie that you know so well, or maybe not, if you are used to the paps and media attention, but that sure as shit is not me.

There was some Opening ceremony pomp which I must say the Poms do pretty well, and now the opening game England V Fiji is on. In typical fashion the rain has started and it seems that this is suiting the Poms, after all it does rain here A LOT.

I always root for the Poms if they are playing anyone in any game, except if they are playing the Aussies. Yeh I am that parochial. Steve is similar. He likes the Aussies to beat everyone except his beloved England.

We will be the odd couple for the England V Aussie game, which we are lucky enough to have tickets for, so no looking through the silly window and no watching it on tellie, no, we will be with the 85000 other people in fine voice at Twickenham. One of us will be disappointed, but if it is Steve the disappointment will last longer. He will replay every move and all that will be stored in the brain along with every other important or not so important moments over the last 40 years. Me, I will have forgotten it before I leave the stadium. I reckon there is only so much room in the brain and so I like to save space for things like appointments and birthdays and useful day to day stuff.

Tonight's game looks like a bit of a doddle for England, but just as I type this, Fiji seems to have scored, of nope they didn't, he dropped it over the line. Oops!

So I will continue to watch and wash up and hang the washing, and then put my feet up cos I spent a good few hours being a fly half at Kingston shopping today.  Yeh I know, more fat Popo than anything else but in my mind I was fleet of foot and sharp as a tack.

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