Saturday, 26 September 2015

Charity Shops Uk Bloody brilliant!

The view from the front windows of the flat.

There are 6 charity shops within a very easy walk of the flat. Twickenham is a middle of the road sort of place as far as charity shops go. There are cheaper places with shittier stuff in poorer condition, but all of 'em are still better than OP shops in Oz, and there are much flasher charity shops where designer labels at designer prices are displayed as professionally as any exclusive boutique. The flasher the suburb, the flasher the charity shops.

I love a bargain. And I reckon if I lived in London full time, I would just never be able to go into a retail shop again, cos there is just about nothing you can't get in a charity shop, for almost nothing. I furnished houses and clothed myself for fuck all while I lived here and the habit has not died. I do enjoy a good root around in the charity world.

So I am off to the theatre tonight with Chris. We are seeing something which googled up as being a little off beat, and as is the case in town, there is no dress code. Really you can just wear any damn thing at all. I reckon that's courtesy of all the backpackers who drag around in the same clothes they have been wearing for a year, so anything is ok. But I am a quickly aging old thing and so some decorum is surely in order? Except that I packed badly and anyway I have shit feet, so I have a choice of thongs - 3 fashion colours or sneakers or my red flats, which proved a bit uncomfy the other day, so I am reluctant to give 'em another long outing. So Thongs it is.

I have red ones, purple ones and now after a bargain hunt in Richmond, a pair of white ones with pink soles. Yeh they are not flash, but I figured if I had a cute bag to match with 'em, it would tart 'em up a bit.

So I fell over this little fella in one of the charity shops in Twickenham this morning.

It's a Furla.

There is barely a mark on it.

It matches all 3 pairs of thongs perfectly.

It cost, wait for it....6 QUID. Change from $12. Hard to bloody believe.

And now when I pop into town wearing my thongs, I reckon people will be too busy checking out my new bag, to notice the less than flash footwear. And if I am honest, I don't really give a shit anyway, any excuse to get a new handie huh?

It's meant to be getting chilly tonight and as winter sneaks up on us here in the northern hemisphere, I suppose pretty soon I will have to find something more appropriate to walk in.

But in the meantime, the thongs will do.

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