Friday, 4 September 2015

How clever are dogs?

Only 5 more Sleeps!

And things are getting a bit manic.

I started the day shoving the mattress topper into the big plastic bag and  then stuffed the walloper thing into my suitcase and then suckered the shit out of it. Yep it fits even if it takes up all the space. I am re-considering the whole idea.

However, as soon as I was phaffing with shit instead of taking her out to play with her bally, then Dog knew something was up. She definitely knows something is going on as soon as the cases are taken out of the cupboard and popped onto the spare bed. Yep, Dog knows something is up.

If I believed she spoke doglish then I reckon she might have a better than fair idea that she is being left behind. Or maybe that's just my mummy guilt speaking.

Steve has spent the day doing all things plumbing, fixing the dripping rain catcher gauge pump thing which was buggered and dripping and driving him a bit nuts. He was just gonna turn it all off, but then discovered that none of the loos would work and neither would the washing machine. Don't reckon the 2 Js - our sitters, would have been best pleased.

Just as an aside, isn't it interesting - read shitful, irritating, that a few years ago the government insisted that we put in a water tank and that it be permanently plumbed into the loos and the washing machine, cos god knows everyone wants their new loos to be grubby brown and they want to wash their clothes in less than clean water, yeh that's really smart. So dutifully that's what we did at stupid expense and now just a few years later it is no longer necessary. What sort of a dick comes up with these regulations?

So that's done and dusted and he's also fixed the leaking loo up stairs, and McGyvered a plumbing tube to carry his beloved golf sticks across the miles.

Sheets have been washed and I have sorted 2 bathrooms, and I have packed away all the sewing bits and pieces strewn all over the studio, and the deck area has been given a bit of a lick and polish. Yep there has been quite a bit of activity and Dog notices things like this. She is used to a quiet slothful existence, so when there is enough movement to register on one of those FITBIT things, and the radio has been blaring and her parents have been bursting into intermittent song, you know when you only really know 2 or 3 words from a song and you wait around for that bit so you can belt it out, well she definitely notices. She has not been too far away all day.

It'd be very cool if we could just sit her down and explain that we are going away but that we love her and that we will be back. I hope she has enough faith to believe it even if our dogspeak is not what it should be.

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