Monday, 7 September 2015

The Bachelor and Now the Bachelorette Reality Bullshit.

I am very pleased to say that I have avoided like the plague, watching even the promos for The Bachelor. On the rare occasions when I have just not been fast enough to ferret out the remote and when someone has popped up on The Project or similar, I have all but thrown shit at the tellie. The whole premise of pitting all these heavily made-up women against each other in a bid to win the attention of some bloke, well it just gives me the screaming irrits. The bloke is all powerful and the women are just too often directed to look like idiots or bitches, flouncing around in frocks left over from Dancing With The Stars. And maybe they are both but more likely some sponsor has said they would like to so and so to do such and such and so some embarrassment makes it's way onto our screens.

For an example of REALITY, it's piss poor. It is in deed so piss poor that if the dating scene was anything even remotely like this, I would fear for the future, cos no women I know would entertain the idea of it and so no more babies. Building designs would be limited to single person dwellings designed to collapse in a little over 50 years as the human environments just crumbled to dust.

Yep it is truly shitful, in my opinion.

So of course what do I see being advertised now? Oh how Fabulous! The Bachelorette. Not The Spinster or The Old Maid. And it appears that some young bird from the tellie, who got thrown over last year by some bloke, has overcome her psychological denting and dyed her hair and now is gonna get to choose a bloke from a herd of fellas again all in front of the cameras.

At a glance it might make feminists everywhere thrilled that the power will swing from the girlie hips instead of the fella's bits, but I rather doubt that is gonna be the case.

Currently the fella chooses and the women do their best to be appealing. The fella has the power, but the way this new thing is being touted, the fellas still have all the power cos they are fighting to win the girl. It seems the girl is still expected to be a passive receptacle who awaits filling.

I could be wrong about this. It is possible that the sponsors are different and the bosses at Channel 10 might have been involved in a tag team relay, swapping in people interested in showing men to be fools and freaks and giving one woman all the power, but I so very much doubt it.

The most exciting thing about this new show, as well as the EVENT FINALE or whatever other trite title will be bandied about for the current series, is that it will all happen while we are away, so it will just appear as periodic updates in the entertainment section of my online news, and I can very easily choose not to open that.

I am pleased however that I will get to see the final of Dancing with the Stars tonight. This I have thoroughly enjoyed and it does seem mostly REAL, even if the scoring sometimes seems a little contrived and I don't understand how the viewer votes get added in and I wonder what ever happened to Bruno.

How much Reality TV is too much?
Do you know where Bruno went?

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