Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Countdown has begun.

It shouldn't come as any great shock, but it seems that not everyone in the world gets ready for a holiday in the same way I do, and really that's just nuts, cos my way is the best way. Oh yeh, I guess Steve reckons his way is the best way too, but he'd be wrong, oh shit there it is I said it out loud!

We are both getting ourselves sorted for 2 months away. I am making sure that my feet are scraped and my toes look pretty, and I've even found the courage to book in for a waxing of the face YUK, I really hate that. My hair is dyed and the split ends trimmed and I've manicured the nails ready for a swipe of clear lacquer sometime soon if I can stand it. In my mind I have selected a range of clothes that hopefully will mix and match so as to not leave me bored shitless having to wear the same stuff all the time. I have 25kgs to take cos I am taking my mattress topper which needs to be stuffed suckered and it weighs in at a lightweight 5kgs. I know this might seem like an odd priority, but 2 months is a long time to wrestle with an uncomfortable bed, and yeh I know I could buy one there, but it wouldn't be as good as the one I already have, unless I went to Harrods and parted with 700 quid - yeh I looked into it, before I opted for a $20 vac bag.

Steve took himself off for a haircut. I don't reckon I am a high maintenance type of gal, but in comparison to Steve, I sure as shit am.

I have a schedule for the washing and the ironing and cleaning so that we can leave the house all spick and span for the house/doggy sitters, and so we don't have to leave a pile of festering undies hidden in the bottom of a cupboard for our return...Wouldn't that just be lovely little homecoming pressie. Steve reckons he might pack his dirty bits so I can wash 'em while we are away. He is very good to me like that. ( Perhaps this is not a bad idea, I mean you pack to come home with dirty stuff, so why not?)

The fridge and the freezer are about as empty as they are gonna be and I have sorted the pantry so that old shit has been binned and nearly out of date stuff has been delivered to Belly - I am good to her like that.

Today Steve decided that the time was right for a dry mopping, and a wet mopping of every hard surface in the big house, and that's a lot. Perhaps lucky for me, I am allergic to the smelly shit which is his preference ( he noted today that not only does it do a damn fine job on the floors, but it also kills bugs - this doesn't surprise me cos it about kills me too) so that means he has to do it all. To be truthful, the floors have always been his job - yippee for that! Anyway, I always make myself scarce when he's about to set loose with the mop.

There were a few things that I needed to pack so the shopping was a hotch-potch of bits and  bobs. The woman at the register, whilst she didn't come right out and say anything about the oddity of it all, couldn't resist a comment about how much she liked the bog brush I had selected, ( The old one had seen better days and would not have been much use in the loo scraping department, so this was the least I could do for our visitors) this all the while shoving it next to my new lippy and a vacuum storage thing into my Target placcie bag. I got Steve some new socks cos it's always nice to take away some new ones, and cos it was on sale, some choccies that should just about stop us killing each other as time counts down and I get more stressed. Oh and I needed some asparagus for dinner too. I got 2 copies of 'Red Dog' to give to the pommie kids so they can keep a little taste of Down Under, a new eyebrow pencil which sort of screws up instead of needing to be sharpened, and a lovely purple toe nail polish that will match just about everything. So it was in deed a strange assortment of stuff. 

I am hoping that that is the end of it.

Do you go a little nutty while getting ready for a holiday?
What can you just NOT be without ?

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