Sunday, 6 September 2015

Books V Kindle 'The Girl on the Train'

I have nearly always got my nose in some book or other. I'll read just about anything.

I like a paper back over a hard cover cos the heavy ones are just too easily dropped into the bath and are not easy to squash around for ergonomic bedtime reading.

However mostly I read on the Kindle. I used to have a Sony e reader, but I never really got on with it and then someone bought 'em out or some other business bullshit and the little thing might have blown a fuse or whatever, anyway my Pink Kindle replaced it. It is back lit or side shiny or moon faced or otherwise lit up so that you can read in any light, and I have adjusted the print so that it's small enough to have sufficient words on the page to make it worthwhile, and big enough so that glasses are not necessary. Win win I reckon.

I reckon the contents on a kindle might say quite a lot about the owner, a bit like what you have on your I pod.

Mine has got more than a fair share of Autobiographies and crime thrillers. So I must be a fame chasing psycho.

The latest one I read was, 'The Girl On The Train' This is a bloody good read.

However, as has not happened before, I found myself wanting a paperback. I have not suffered paper longing since I first charged up my little pink machine. It has kept me company in the bath and the hospital, every night in bed, and at leisurely coffees and I have never found it wanting, it's always been perfectly satisfying, BUT can I suggest that if you are gonna read this book, that you might think about borrowing it from a library - how about that for a very old fashioned idea, cos in the first half of the book I really wanted to be able to flip back to the title page of the previous chapters to notice Name and dates and on the Kindle this is just too much trouble, well it is for me at least, but then I am one of those saddos who still think about going to a library for reasons other than Carrie's wedding to Big.

Sorry if you thought this was gonna be a proper review. I will say this, 'the Girl on the Train' is fast moving - pun intended, a little disturbing and full of enough twists to keep you guessing til the end.

What are you reading at the moment?
Do you have a Kindle?

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