Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Richmond London

The distances in miles belie the metrication of the UK.

Even though it felt like the first chill of autumn today, the flowers are in full bloom - bloody lovely
Punting on the Themes - spoiled for choice as to which boat you might like.
Back in the day, you know when cavemen ruled and dinosaurs were not registered, and when I was thinner and frivolously spent every penny I earned on stuff and nonsense including appallingly expensive clothes and shoes that hurt just looking at 'em, Richmond was my favourite place to go for a good shop and a look around. It was also an excellent place to go for last drinks away from the prying eyes of local school kids who caught out more than their fair share of rather pissed teachers. It is a shopping, eating, partying place.
So I ventured back today to have a good look see and I am pleased to say that it is very little changed. Only a couple of the shops have closed and morphed into another designer jobbie and some of the cafes and eateries have changed signage but it all feels pretty much the same. There are lovely little cobblestone pathways with expensive shops whose opening hours speak of lux and privilege - yeh that means the bloody places were still closed when I was there wanting to have a bit of a gander, which might have been just as well, cos how many lavender lace and net hats does a girl really need?
But perhaps my favourite part of Richmond is the Hill. No it ain't like the old HILL at the GABBA where men drank beer till they were puking and women got their tits out to the loud appreciation of the crowds. No the Hill is full of disparate galleries and designers' store fronts and cafes and the odd little pub.
I found a Dog heaven place which required an engineering degree to enter as there were a series of doggie gates which I suppose even the cleverest canine would wonder about. Anyway, I was too far in to politely retreat, when the smell of wet shaggie dog hit me. It was quite the stink. Through an open door I could have, had I lost all olfactory sense, watched while a large pooch was clipped. There was a vast array of doggie collars and leads - not the rude kind, but even for Dibley Dog, I could not stay there for long enough to select a new flash one. 
Somewhere up the hill and a bit around the corner, if you are lucky, you might run into Mick Jagger. I say this like I am his best friend and have often popped in for a cup of sugar and a wrinkle face mask, but in truth I am only spreading gossip, even if it does come from a reasonable source - Not THE SUN, but that which I just can't remember at the moment. It's a pretty walk even if you don't run into anyone famous.
Then back to the river, The River Thames. It always sounds so much grander than it is in person. The tides rise and fall rapidly here at Richmond and I have been caught out having a squiffy long lunch at the Swan only to stumble out into a foot of water. The Tow Path was pretty hairy today covered in mud-slim from a recent high tide. It's always useful to either wear or pack a pair of thongs in your handie if you are going to a session on the river at Richmond.
Yep Richmond is definitely worth a visit if you are just popping over to Blighty for a little R & R or in deed if you are lucky enough to live near by.

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