Monday, 1 August 2016

Russia - Welcome

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
Here's a map showing my readers for the last week. The darker the green the more readers.

There has been a real spike in the number of folk reading this old blog in the last few weeks and it seems from the stats, that the big increase is from people in RUSSIA, and whilst I am happy that they have joined me, I do wonder how the bloody hell that happens.

I thought, about a year ago, that it might be possible to make a few rupees from my page, but have in typical fashion done fuck all about that. I mean I just really have no idea how to go about it. I don't know how to build a readership, or sort of advertising sponsors or organise a Media Kit - yeh I don't even know what that is except that I know after a seminar for bloggers last year, I know I sort of need one. So I have done no promotion and am yet to be approached by any company hoping that I might prostitute myself for cash in trade for good reviews.

So how does it happen that one day more than 500 people in Russia decide to click on my page.

I read a lot of blogs, none in Russian cos I am hopelessly mono-lingual doesn't that just sound a tiny bit rude.

So here's a request, if you have bothered to click here and have a little look - see, could you just write where you are from in the comments below.

I promise that I will not give this interaction to some whizz bang 11 year old who can do something - although I can only imagine what, with your comment, it is just to feed my idol curiosity.

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