Saturday, 20 August 2016

Kambrya College Melbourne.

Yeh this is the face of a youngster who deserved to be a victim - I fucking DON'T think!

The school system was always a challenge to me, from primary school sit-ins, and allowing my white blonde hair to be dyed green by the regulation green ribbons that I always 'forgot' to remove before swimming practice, to snogging a boy of the wrong religious persuasion while in uniform at the bus stop right outside the Mother Superior's office. And when I parted ways with the convent, to the mutual joy of all, I ended up at the local state high school. Ah!

No more rulers out and measuring skirt length, or the policing of bra wearing or bloomer patrol, or so I thought.

We all tracked along quite nicely for a couple of years and then fashions changed as they do, and short skirts became the vogue and so we girlie girls started hitching the skirts of our dresses over our belts and all of a sudden stickler teachers, who obviously felt they needed to protect the boys from feeling us up, would walk along and tug on our skirts, til they were daggy and hanging down all crocked and messy.

I hated it when some fucker came along and tugged on my clothes.

I was lucky cos I could sew and so one afternoon I came home from school and chopped off about a foot of fabric and then put a tiny teeny hem on my skirt. Yep, it just barely covered my arse! Oh dear, how were those boys gonna help themselves now! No tuggability for the teachers and no way to let the sucker down. Luckily for the purposes of inter -school debates, my other uniform had all its original length so I let it down as long as it could go, almost floor length and then threaded a hoop through the bottom. The uniform had huge box pleats front and back and so the hoop held it out nicely and of course when I sat on the ground, the whole thing flew up over my head and I suppose my knicky noos might have been hanging out a bit for all to see. Demure indeed if I was standing up, but less so if I was sitting. Ho Hum.

Yeh I was a bit of a tear away. I wasn't rude or obnoxious, just subversive and perhaps a little passive aggressive.

HOWEVER, if I had been the object of unwanted attention from some boy or teacher or some perv on the way home, that would have been THEIR fault.

What sort of a world is it, when women are expected to dress and behave in a way to save men from themselves? And what sort of a world is it when it is accepted that men are incapable of any sort of self control, and that a length of leg is an invitation to do any damn thing they please?

In response to being named as a school, party to a widespread child pornography ring, Kambrya College organised 2 assemblies, one for boys and one for girls, the WHY of this escapes me. The girls were told to dress conservatively and not put themselves on display. I don't know, but am hopeful that perhaps the boys were told not to photograph women without their consent - this information has not been made public.

What sort of school takes girls aside and tells them to adjust themselves - what they wear and how they wear it and how they behave,  so that they do not become the victims of a child pornography ring? It doesn't matter what the boys were told,  cos what they will have HEARD is that if a girlie is dressed like a bit of a slut, then she's up for anything and so it's OK for the boys to go their hardest. They will have heard that 'nice' girls don't show too much leg or act provactively and any girl they see doing this, well really they are just fair game, cos after all boys will be boys.

Truly I wonder what fucking century we are living in when women need to cower down and act out of fear to avoid becoming a victim.

Oh dear, my legs are out! do old women need to be careful too?

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