Saturday, 27 August 2016

Gold Coast Show Crackers and Craziness

So a year ago, I was a bit cheeky and fanangled a free pass to the Gold Coast Show and I tripped off for a day's country entertainment. Well it's on again this weekend and that means that for 3 days in a row, from the balcony here in the Big House, I get a front row seat - well actually I stand, to watch the crackers.

Yep I do love 'em. This has been well documented. I know! Ok I know!

The traffic jams to go anywhere and then to get home and the extra people about become insignificant when I think about the lovely crackers.

I popped into Pac Fair today and got all snarled up coming home. The traffic news on the radio was bad so I switched stations and turned up the music and belted out a couple of tunes, cos the traffic was being paid for by crackers, so I was quids in I reckon.

Stevie and I have been discussing going to the Show. He is not too thrilled, well even that is an exaggeration, but he would go if I wanted to go. I have been waxing and waning. I enjoyed last year, and it wasn't too crowded, not at all like the Brisvegas EKKA, but I am having trouble getting truly motivated.

I would happily sit and watch the wood choppers so long as I could be certain that I would get my excellent spot from last year again, and reckon I could manage the crowds in the Show Bag place so long as I was just quickly in and out to grab something for the Grandie. The old Side Show Alley could be skirted and I am not sure I could manage the Arts and Crafts display, even though it is no doubt as good as last year, I do remember having to do a very quick tour of bits of it last year to avoid the crush. So all up really the highlight is the crackers and we already have an excellent free spacious view so not much point in putting the old fella through it.

But I didn't know why I am really so reluctant to go until last night after the crackers, I said that it was cool to be able to watch 'em without having to be alongside everybody's germs.

I thought about this. It's a consideration that keeps jumping into my head.

I hear stories about the anti-vacers and I go all red in the face when I think that they might infect other children and ME.

When I see people sneeze and cough in public, I have taken to saying out loud, 'Please cover your mouth / nose' or if I am feeling less pleasant, 'Keep your fucking germs to yourself', has fallen out of my mouth, generally, blessedly, in a whisper.

The idea of being stuck in a germy crowd really just doesn't do it for me.

Last year I sat around with the great unwashed and chattered and ate and laughed and took photos, and didn't think for a millisecond about their diseases, and now I am loathe to venture out into the world.

This is a big pisser. A big irrational pisser. I might - well do in fact have a number of mutant white blood cells which if left to their own devices are trying to multiply and kill me, but I also have the right number of good healthy little white fellas, which I imagine are quite capable of seeing off your bog standard germs, but what about the not-so-bog-standard fellas?

Oh fuck, I can see me becoming one of those mask wearing crazies that I have laughed up a lung over for years. And maybe I should have that hand sanitising shit shovelled into my handie by the litre, or maybe I could just stay home and watch the world go by on my computer and tellie.

So yeh, I see all this sounds a bit nutty, but sub consciously, I have managed to go all the way through Winter without a snuffle, and that's not a bad effort.

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