Sunday, 7 August 2016

The New Gold Class Piccies at Australia Fair.

It's no secret that I am claustrophobic and tend towards the panic attack end of things in a crowd or if people move into my space, so I always sit on the aisle - on a bus, on a train, in a theatre or at the pictures. And the older I get the worse this has become. Some would argue that I have just succumbed to the slide into grumpy old woman land, and those fuckers might be right. A fella I knew used to give me the HOUSE SEATS for all the best shows in Brisvegas, and I would swan along like someone important, but I wouldn't thank him for those middle seats today. I used to be able to sit dead middle of a bunch of teens, in a theatre to make sure they behaved themselves, but I know I couldn't do that anymore, not that it was ever really needed, cos in all those years, I only ever had to frog march one kid out. Usually the performances were so wonderful that the kids were gripped from lights down, or maybe they were afraid that I would truly embarrass 'em, but that's all ancient history now.

I love going to the pictures. An hour or 2 of surround sound and enormous projections and unlikely stories, an airconditioned sanctuary in the middle of summer, ahhh lovely.

But the idea of going into the usual cinema, just doesn't hold much appeal. All those people, climbing over you to get to the centre seats, which unfathomably seem to be the most popular, and all the crackling of wrappers and the swinging back and forward on the chairs that actually rock the whole line of the bloody things and people with their feet up near your ears, and people who stare daggers at you when you put your feet up near theirs,  and dealing with people with worse bladder control than me and young people who are so important that they need to reply to calls and texts in then middle of the film and these fuckers are nearly always sitting right next to me.  Yeh the slummy pictures is not much fun. I'll go with the Grandie but that should be seen as a testament to grandmaly love.

But for not much more than a usual cinema ticket you can go to the Gold Lounge at Australia Fair.

It was always a little less than salubrious with manky velour chairs that I am sure would shine brightly under a forensic blue light, but there are only 20 seats and so only 20 people and no feet or rocking and mostly little noise. Bloody marvelous.

They closed up shop a while back for a re-furb and I figured that almost certainly they were gonna re-open with the sky high prices of the other flash places at Pac Fair or Robina, but NO, the prices are the same-ish.

The seats are all new leather and very comfy too, still only 20 people, AHHH. And if you go before 6pm it's only 20 bucks. Yeh I know that's not for nothing, but I pop into Coles downstairs to pick up snacks and a bottle of water so there is a big saving there.

We saw 'Jason Bourne' on Friday. I had caught up on the story by watching the 3 previous ones that have been on the tellie recently and so it all fitted into the puzzle well. It was more than the previous movies - more places, more shootings and killings, more jump out of your seat surprises and perhaps best of all, more car chases. They were bloody terrific and Matt Damon was as good as ever.

So the movie is worth a look and it is definitely worth parking your arse in those new chairs at the new Gold Lounge at Oz Fair.

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