Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Odd piccie I know, but this is the slump-into chair with the Girlie on my lap position from which I send most of my posts. This is why I make typos and also why I used to love the Touchie Touchie screen.

My 'Girlie' has been playing up for a while now, I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before.

I thought it might have just been some sort of teenage tantrum, but it turns out that actually she was in the middle of a monumental menopausal meltdown and finally was fit to spear anything in her way, just before she blew a fuse and shutdown completely.

Yeh my machine was fucked.

The touch screen had become, let's say,  a little unreliable a while ago. I had added a green screen cleaner cloth as an accessory to all my outfits, cos I figured that my greasy grubby little digits were upsetting the screen's delicate sensibilities, and then late last week the touchiness of the Girl went the way of my ovaries and so I had to re-learn the Mouse play.

The thing that I liked most about the 'Touch myself' nature of working was that as I got tired, I could just swipe the screen to enlarge all the stuff so I could see it without any strain, Yeh I could probably have found some glasses but I have stopped popping the seeing glasses on my head cos of the swipe-ability of the Girl and my kindle has a font size changer that is dead simple to use and that's about it for reading really, so finding these glasses would be time consuming and honestly I am just too fucking lazy to haul arse out of the chair to go hunting.

So the Touching was over. No more Chrissy Amphlett 'I Touch Myself' It was the end of a very lovely era. Oh well, menopause, wrinkles and buggered machines. Shit.

So the Mouse was king for about a week and then all of a sudden it got the shits up too and stopped being useful or reliable and then eventually the whole shooting match just dried up and was a frozen solid mess - yeh I will quit with the menopause analogies now cos it could get ugly.

I called in the Doctor.

He lives on the Mountain and once he made a house call and then he had to take her away in his ambulance for a little hospital visit.

And now I just got her back and even though the touchiness will never return, the rest of her is working just fine.

The Doctor said that it would be possible to fix the hardware behind the screen but it would be costly and not really economical as I would still have an oldish machine, just with a new face.

So I won't bother. I'll just persevere with the mouse.

It did make me wonder about the whole face lift thing though.

You can make the face  pretty and all, but the underneath stuff, the back end, the down there bits are still old. I mean I am happy for people to do whatever the hell they want to with their bodies, but I do wonder about looking into the mirror and seeing a youthful face when the rest of you is just crying out for a Bex and a good lie down.

Anyway that's way off topic.

I am very pleased with my Girl's Doctor. He can work remotely or in your lounge room or he can take your little bits of precious to the hospital, and he is caring and punctual and does what he says he's gonna do, so if your machines need a little talking to maybe he'd be able to coax 'em into behaving. It's worth a shot.


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