Friday, 8 May 2015

Him indoors said I have been crabbie this week.

Autumn is thinking about peaking about the sun and that is the highlight of the week. Cooler evenings are a blessed relief even if the days are still hot. And that's the good news this week.
Here's the list of some of the things that have got my heart racing and not in a good way,  and no they aren't in order of shits giving. It's all very random
Unnecessary packaging of the smallest wheel of very ordinary cheese. More 'stuff' than cheese. IRRITATING!

The finished product! Here's the Root Barrier. Left a couple of inches out of the ground, just far enough to trip me up as I go out the gate. Really the fellas were as good as gold and they said this was standard procedure. I question the procedure. It does now run almost the full length of the fence, so that should slow the Moreton Bay Fig Fuckers down a bit.
Can't even begin to discuss this week's shitful antics of a certain sperm donor. Ripping up a photo brings nothing close to satisfaction. Where's my shovel?

Migraine - enough said.

Revolting Greg Bird got what he deserved. Well almost anyway. What a despicable excuse for a man he is. Most 'on reports' in the NRL, if something underhand is happening on the field, you can generally bet the house that Bird is involved, he pisses on police cars and is suspected of trafficking drugs. How does anyone think this could be a good role model for our kids.

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