Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Babyliss Pro Curlers - I like 'em

For some time now I have been looking at having a go a curling my hair. Yes research has been done. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before. But this week the research turned serious.
I fronted up to a number of stores and actually had a go. Now even for an anal germ crazy woman like me, I thought it was ok to put the curlers in my hair. I wanted to see how they felt, how heavy they were, and how effective the clippy things were in holding it all together. I gave thought to other people's filth and creeping crawlies but decided that the need for research overpowered the possibility of nits or scabbies.
Obviously I am not the only person in the whole universe who feels this way cos  most shops have sets of curlers and wands and things all out on display for customers to play with. I suppose they figure that they will sell more if the customers can feel more. Not once did an assistant ask me to refrain from using the curlers on the grounds of danger to others - Health and Safety and all that, which was just as well cos otherwise I might have had cause to be offended. Fancy if they had come right out and said that I couldn't try them cos I might leave some sort of disease on 'em and so make 'em impossible to sell.
Well this didn't happen at Myers, or David Jones or Harvey Normans or the Good Guys or HV Hair Salon Southport Park where I did finally buy 'em. The women here were wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable, and maybe that was the difference between this place and the others - the assistants were actually hairdressers. Anyway I liked 'em and will be back for other bits and pieces now that after all these years I have ventured in there.
HOWEVER, it did happen at the Priceline Pharmacy at Southport Park Shopping Centre. Here the boxes were stuck up tighter than thighs of a menopausal woman at a comedy festival. I asked to have a look and was told that Elf and Safety would not allow it - presumably because I was such a disease risk. This gave me the shits. I asked someone else. Same answer. Then I asked if I bought 'em, got 'em home and didn't like 'em could I bring 'em back. NO! Elf and Safety!!
I mean how many can they sell? Even if you had checked out this brand elsewhere you wouldn't buy them here firstly cos the assistants don't do what it says on their box and secondly because they are cheaper elsewhere.
All this comes as result of 'doing the research' .    
So I opted for BABYLISS PRO.

It comes with your choice or butterfly clips or flash bobby pins.

Just plug 'em in and 3 minutes later you are good to go. 3 different sizes - take your pick and 20 of the little suckers to roll in.
Not the most attractive look. But EASY to do.

Every bit of hair had a go.
And voila - curls.

Pin it back or please yourself.


Steve said this is my 'just been fucked' look. Not sure if he thought that was attractive or not.

It sure makes my hair look more than before and so I am happy to give it a bit of a go and experiment some more.

Change is as good as a holiday, so I am luckier than most cos I get to take my change makers on holidays. Yippee!!



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