Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Sometimes Fathers and absent parenting.

A bird's nest, a wayward kid, an occasional father and a great big dog....what could possibly go wrong?

Playing with Dog in the park this morning and I watched a kid chucking shit up into a tree, pegging all sorts of shit at something. His interest in the good looking dog that I thought was with him, had long since waned.

I was pretty sure he was trying to kill some little birdies or upset a nest, and whilst I am terrified of birds - yeh I know pathetic! I don't reckon it's ok for a kid to kill 'em.Teacher training surfaced and rather than get up him and tell him off, and have him give me the finger or just tell me to fuck off and mind my own business,  I asked if he had something caught up there and if I could help him get it down. Well in typical kid fashion, he ignored me and ignored me and I kept saying that shit on a loop, as I walked closer. He stopped pegging sticks and stones - yeh! and then bugger me his, I presume, father appeared and posed the question of whether it's harder to raise a four or two legged child.

I didn't venture an opinion.

This fella showed more interest in me and Dog than he did his, I presume, own kid. No surprise that the kid was in destructo mode: Some attention please, any kind of attention please.

It's not hard to give a kid the impression that you are interested, occasional grunts and timely lowering of the newspaper or smart phone, is a good place to start. And shit if you really get into it, cos after all you have a responsibility cos you did breed, then maybe some honest attention is possible.

This all on the heels of the paid for Attention Party on the weekend, well it makes me sad and a little fearful of what is gonna become of these kids. Ignore them at your peril I reckon. Today a bird's nest, tomorrow your windows and god knows what happens when they get hold of a knife or a gun.

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