Thursday, 9 April 2015

Golf Clubs - 2 ways

Steve went off for a golf lesson today and I had lunch with some girls at Royal Pines Golf Club. Is that the same thing?

The lesson was with the golf pro at his club and there was a small gaggle of blokes booked in. I imagine they all expected to have their go, share the attention and gain some insight into something golfy.

We were a small gaggle of girls taking advantage of the cooking expertise of the resident chief, and we all took turns and shared the attention and caught up on local insights (gossip) and current affairs ( news worthy and just bonking ) We watched a bloke in a conspicuous Orange and stripey shirt hit putty balls for the 3 hours we were there. We marvelled at his dedication and I hoped he was happy with his progress. Either that or he really should just give it away cos bugger me after all that time if he was still a shit putter then he should give Backgammon or Bridge a try.

It was very pretty looking out onto the course. Bright yellow buggies came and went and there was some Segway tour with kids going on. Now that looked very fun. The afternoon was perfect, autumn balm and blue skies. I could understand why people choose to build their homes overlooking a golf course. Ah, very lovely to look at and you never have to mow a blade of it.

Yomping along the greens also seems like a nice way to spend time, though we decided that perhaps that would not be as pleasant as kicking back with a glass of something cold, watching someone else do the yomping.

2 ways to enjoy a Golf Club and I am pretty sure that neither of us want to swap experiences, afterall Steve doesn't eat lunch and I wouldn't look good in the yellow cart.

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