Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Money makes the world go around la la la

It's no secret! Yep it's true, I haven't got a penny and it's just lucky for me that Steve is happy, well happy-ish, to support me in style in exchange for house keeping flair extraordinaire.

Perhaps this lack of anything of my own leads me to be aware of other peoples' situations. There can be no doubt that people living on 'the social' have got very little so it would just be shitful to ask them to dress up flash and pay for an expensive meal or outing. Shit mostly they wouldn't be able to afford the petrol on the povo week so a new flash outfit is just dreaming.

Or maybe I have always been aware. I have had a very middle class existence, not wanting for too much ever, but working in some very povo schools leaves me knowing intimately families who have fuck all. So I would never have expected kids to automatically pop into school the next day with a wedge of cash for something far less trivial than a weeks' groceries. Care had to be taken.

Anyway all this is prompted by my trip to the hairdresser today. Roots needed a seeing to! I have been going here for years and years and I know she works hard and is pleased and proud of the life she has forged, but she is not 'rolling in it'.

Today she was telling me that she and her partner had managed to stack away $1000 for emergencies and how that made her feel secure. Yep she was happy.

The woman after me who had sat through all this conversation then stuck her head up to be slathered with gloop and I listened to her going on and on and bloody on about her property woes: selling this one, renting this one, renovating another one. The more she carried on about all this shit, the more I could see my woman deflate. Seriously I just wanted to get up and slap her hard with a wand full of bleach.

I don't kid myself. I know that all too often I don't live in the real world. I am not sure how much a carton of milk costs or a loaf of bread, or where to go for the cheapest petrol, but I don't want to rub other peoples' noses in my ignorance.

The flash cow was too busy to sit and let the bleach eat away at the pigment in her hair. She must be a very important person in deed cos she had to run off with all this shit in her hair. She was supposed to be back in an hour for a rinse off. She hadn't made it back by the time I left and the bitch in me hoped that her hair breaks off from over processing. Yeh she will be able to afford a flash all human hair wig, but I bet she wont be happy. Shit eh?

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