Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ahh a little bit of Autumn, that means new shoes.

Bloody wonderful to feel a bit of a chill.. well not during the day obviously, but at night watching the tellie, and climbing into bed with a bit of a coverlet thing on instead of the fucking fan or the air-con. Ah yes my favourite time of the year!

Except that I am off to Sydney in a few weeks and that means some planning is in order.

For a start, spending a week in the big smoke instead of the sleepy old Goldie, means that I might just have to wear something other than my thongs. They are getting a bit grubby cos I do wear 'em everywhere, everyday. Just an aside, these new ones have been extraordinarily successful in stopping heel pain so worth the expense and the 2 weeks of agony to 'wear 'em in'. But I haven't worn proper big people shoes, well since last year when I went to Sydney.

So I must have a little look at what might still be wearable. Someone told me once that the old idea of keeping things for good, was pretty useless cos the glue in shoes gets brittle if left unworn and the elastic in bras goes the same way. That must be why so many women are trotting around on their 6 inch heels, with their boobs tucked into all manner of lacey pretty bits while matching up the crotchless fare, as they head off to the IGA for a spot of grocery shopping. Yeh Right!

So I reckon whilst I have the same shoes I took last year, it might be necessary to hunt out something NEW ....Yippee! Well not really.

I used to love shoe shopping. The more outrageous and unusual the better. But then I used to be mad enough to squeeze into too small shoes and suffer and suffer and suffer, just for, well I don't know what for. But now I have reached an age where I am going to be comfortable. No I don't want to wear those chemist shoes, but if I can find something a little more stylish than them but equally comfortable then that will be a win.

I used to have literally hundreds of pair of shoes, all different, but now if I find a pair that I can walk all day in without being medicated or needing to pause for a little cry, then I want to have 'em in every colour.

I'll be able to make good use of 'proper' shoes as we are off to London in September, and even though it's possible that summer might linger long enough for me to get around in my trusty thongs, I have to be realistic and go prepared for chilly feet in November.

So shoe shopping and then I'll need to dig out a coat or a jumper and check 'em for moth holes.

This change of season ritual is far more interesting than working into summer, which runs like this. Airing out the doona and taking off as many clothes as is possible in polite company, yeh ok sometimes just a bit less than would be appropriate, all in the one day, cos god knows there is no Spring here on the Goldie.

It's not cool for long but I plan to enjoy every moment of it.

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