Friday, 3 October 2014

Studio to Rehab Room in a day.

I have had my practical hat on this week what with WILLS and shit and finding other important paper work and posting off stuff signed by witnesses like a real grown up, and so we came to the logistics of where I can sleep after the BIG CHOP next Thursday.

The stairs will be an issue for a little while - yeh how long is a piece of string?  and so we settled on making my studio into a bedroom. We are lucky to have that option, I know!

So an upstairs bed was stripped and we danced and shoved and cried the base and mattress down the stairs and into the cleared, cleaned space, and then Stevie vaced and mopped the floors and surfaces so there wont be any germies to go jumping onto my leg. I didn't bother with a 'BLOCK' styling of the bed cos as all of us in the real world know all that crap just ends up on the floor and I am pretty sure I will be able to do without trying the chicken high step to traverse between bed and loo in the wee small hours.

The result is lovely. I am a very lucky girl to be coming home to such a pretty room and outlook. At the mo it doesn't even too much like a hospital ward, but then the cripple toilet seat thing with high handles hasn't gone in yet. That ugly piece of shit furniture will be motivation enough to get on with the exercises and so take the disgusting fucker back to the shop.

I am close to sorted, except for paying all the up front fees. I don't mind paying Angus his extra bit, cos at least I have met him and I like his face, but yesterday on text order from the girlie at the anaesthetists I called 'em up. Apparently the bloke whose name I have already forgotten, but which did not draw any google action, insists on being paid in advance - ' Will that be on your mastercard today?' Shit I used to use that line when I was working the phones. I asked her if I was the only person to ever question the ethics of paying someone you haven't met for something not yet received, and Girlie didn't seem to get it, although as she just kept rabbiting on - also an 'on the phones' strategy,  I am guessing she might have heard similar before. I have not paid them yet..

All else is going according to plan.  

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