Sunday, 5 October 2014

Daylight Savings :( not for me.

I think I have a very vague memory of one summer in my childhood when we had to save up some daylight and put it in a bucket and use it up after school. I liked it! And then someone with a cow I think decided that the cow was confused about when to get their tits out for milking and so the whole of Queensland was dropped back into the darkness, in the evenings that is, the mornings are just bloody stupid bright.

If we lived in complete isolation then of course this would be no trouble at all, just invest in some block out curtains and hope that you don't live next door to any greenie chook owners. But we don't live in isolation, in fact we live bloody close to where the rest of the world - alright, Australia, turned the clocks to summer time last night. Wouldn't you think that in the land of SUMMER, we might lead the way with Summer Time?

We live so close to Summer Time Land that when we were building the Big House, our builder lived in Summer Time Land and so there was a constant battle with starting times and finishing times and of course the payment of all this, as he was on an hourly rate. Our closest airport by far is in the land of the Summer Bucket so just another complication if we want to go anywhere by plane and in a less than selfish context, all those tourists arriving for a beach holiday by plane run the time tightrope getting to and from their little beach shacks. Yes it is all very do-able, but a pain in the arse in the doing.

One of my very favourite things about living in London was the long languid twilights, out in the garden, with a glass of bubbles and plenty of time to share and giggle and chat. Work was done and instead of being stuck inside in front of the tellie, we'd spend time just being happy.

Yeh as I had not too much experience with the Daylight in a bucket idea, it took some getting used to, but once I was there it was bloody fabulous.

I so wish we would join the rest of the country and possibly the world in saving a bit of daylight for the fun end of the day, I am pretty sure the cows would adjust.

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