Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Building something new.

Across the canal a transformation has been taking place. A while back I wondered what was going on. I thought maybe they were just doing a roof repair. They stripped off the old tiles and then popped on a bit of a tin roof but only on one end. Not much else happened for a while and we were left wondering.

Then all hell broke loose and roof trusses were whipped off anld scaffold went up and a whole new house started to take shape. It is bloody enormous. I reckon it makes the Big House seem pretty small.

I am so enjoying watching this emerge from what was a very ordinary looking 70s place. We have driven passed it but there was not much to see from the road and unlike what I might have done, well have in fact done many times and that is yomped all over the site when the tradies have gone home, I am nursing my leg and just imagining what the new place is gonna be like.

It is so exciting watching someone's ideas become a reality. I am definitely hoping that I can gain sufficient control over my newly built knee that before the building process is finished, I can have the fun of sneaking in and having a good look around.

It's too often a matter of semantics. When we built this place, it was approved as a 'Renovation', cos we re-used the original footprint / slab, even though we added to that too. The new place across the canal, almost certainly is also a reno as they too have lumped on top of the original first floor shell, after removing the internal walls.

So I will continue to enjoy watching the house take shape and at the same time I'm gonna work hard to make sure that my new knee is gonna be an equal design success.

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