Thursday, 2 October 2014

I'd like a bit of GOOD NEWS please

I just trawled through the online news and you know what? it's all bad, and what's more it seems to be all out of our control.

Ban the burqa at Parliament house, Sri Lankan returned Boat people raped and tortured, Beale - the Rugby player has been in an 'altercation AGAIN, ASIO is given tough new powers, Aussie planes are in Iraq, Ebola marches on to the USA, Phelps the Olympic hero has been caught drunk driving at speed AGAIN, a school is bombed in Syria killing 40 kids, and there's now epidemic proportions of Indigenous dementia in OZ.

The Student leader of protests in Hong Kong was arrested and jailed for days for waving an umbrella, and the next year will see an unprecedented number of Aussies defaulting on their debts.

I reckon I can understand why some folk just turn off the news. I was hoping that something uplifting, or exciting or even just mildly curious might have happened, but NO, it's just all shitful.

Oh the lovely George did get married and there were little protests in Venice because people thought he should give his money away just cos he has plenty.

I don't buy those shit magazines where all the women are glamorous and airbrushed to shit, and that are filled with advertisements demanding that we all throw our cash away on perfectly useless dross which almost always never does what it says on the pack. You know the ones that tell us that some celebrity or other is banging some celebrity or other and that Kate is almost certainly expecting twins. I don't buy 'em cos they are crap, but the reading has got to be better than the online news.

Off to see AnnBrit to get my hair sorted and so I will have a few hours of comic relief reading her shit mags. It's OK though cos I didn't buy 'em.

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