Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Girlie Day - gotta be done

I reckon that Mania madness probably hits everyone who has time to prepare to go for any sort of big chop. The form of the madness alters but not the overall nuttiness of it.

With paper work done and dusted, attention needed to be turned to the TOES. For almost a year they have been black or a bit black and certainly naked and the heel skin had petrified to the point that I wondered if I could chip it off and sell it as a precious gemstone. So as time allowed this morning, the skin has been scraped courtesy of Julie from Maxwells and I opted for bright green toes cos that's what I had last time.

Nails - check
Hair  - check
Outfits - check
Money distributed - check

Finally it was Girlie Lunch time, and very fine it was too. There is something cathartic about putting your feet up and eating good food in the company of good girls all laughing through the gossip and chatter.

Tomorrow it's back to domestic shite so that Steve will have an easier time transmogifying into a Goldie bachelor for a week or so, ( really he is gonna look after himself, after all he is more than capable, but I like to imagine that I am indispensable).

The ironing and baking and packing and shit will be all better done with bright green toes.

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