Thursday, 23 October 2014

Gold Coast V8 Cars and all that noise

Vroom Vroom Vroom. Titty titty bum bum.

Yeh it's that time again, when the traffic crawls and the locals get all fed up and titchy.  It really is a love it or hate it time of year.

One year I lived right on the track, well maybe it was 2 years. Anyway getting in and out of my building was a logistical nightmare and I wrote letter after letter asking for consultation with locals about how to make the whole fiasco more pleasant. These of course were routinely ignored and I am sure became the laughing point for all the rev heads in the planning departments.

Through our Body Corporate fees, we stumped up stupid fees to cover round the clock security guards as ferals tried to use the grounds as a thorough fare into the hallowed grounds and then we paid again when it was all over to cover the repair bills to the fencing and the gardens and the lift etc. The noise was a blight and the madness was just an excellent place to be away from.

Now I live on the outter edge of the noise zone. We can hear the low rumble and the hum but cannot smell the exhaust and we don't have to step over little puddles of ooopsie-too-much-beer. Now it's much better. It is hard to believe that all the madness still happens just a couple of kilometres away and we can just crack on with our little bit of everyday.

I hope that everyone who wants to, enjoys absolutely every minute of it and as for the hapless locals who are driven mad, well I hope they have some effective industrial strength ear plugs, or better still have managed to escape the place altogether.

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