Saturday, 4 October 2014

'Gone Girl' the movie

The pickings were slim when I looked at what was on at the pictures today at a time that suited me. "Gone Girl' was it really, so knowing absolutely nothing about it, I took myself off for a bit of a crap shoot and I am very glad that I did.

Just before I dived into the airconed darkness I spent a few minutes in a bookshop looking for some titles to buy for my new Kindle and bugger me if 'Gone Girl' the book wasn't up there on the best reading display thing. So I supposed either it was a good yarn or the movie people had paid for some extra promotional help.

It's a pretty long movie so make sure you pee beforehand and take a little snack or if you are going flash, you might get a little something delivered about an hour and half in.

I don't think that the story is all that original, but there are definitely 'what if' hooks throughout to keep you guessing. 'Will he, will she did he did she?'

Ben Afflick was pretty convincing as the screwy husband and Rosamund Pike did a good job of the wife. So all up if you fancy a bit of a 'Can you guess the next bit' this is a reasonable way to pass some time.

The promo blurbs wax a bit lyrical about the exploration of the institution of modern marriage but I reckon it had more to do with mental illness and the human capacity for delusion.

Pike reflected that it explored:“That aspect of marriage as a con game, or whatever. The idea that we perform a sort of ideal version of ourselves that the other person wants. We perhaps belie our true nature in order to perform to the ideal. David ( director) and I talked a lot about living in an age of rampant narcissism.”

The movie started a little later than I would normally like, cos on a Saturday at 10ish there is often no-one else in the theatre, but today it was packed. Seems that the picture had just recently opened, and this might explain why I was unable to use my accrued points for my ticket. I had a freebie on my card, but the girlie said that I couldn't  use it today cos the movie was too new. Trouble is that in the gold lounge, the movies are always new, so I am seriously hoping that doesn't make my cinebuzz points redundant. It's a waiting game now until after the chop.

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