Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Healthy useful trudge up the stairs.

5 years ago when my first knee became bionic and a constant pain in the bum getting through airport security, the lovely Laurie told me that the best exercise for knee rehab was going up and down the stairs. This happened at a visit where Steve told him that he had to be restrained during Physio sessions cos the guy was hurting me so much I was a weeping crying mess.

5 years ago we had still to decide on balustrades and the stairs were more than a little dicey. I recall clearly a good dose of terror as I tried to manage 2 steps up and down and only if Steve was there to catch me - not a job he has ever signed up for and one which understandably he was not thrilled with.

At the hospital this time the physios had a little set of stairs in the rudimentary 'training room', which also catered for visitors if not in use by whingers and cry babies. The stairs were shorter than average and only 3 up and down. Still it was a challenge.

So home now for a week and the fully operational stairs have been calling. 1 flight to the half landing and back is 20 stairs. I started with fewer than that.

Today I am up to 200 stairs!! That's 5 lots of up and down the whole lot! No I am not doing them all at once, I like to prolong the agony, but I am getting stronger and quicker. I am not sure that the bendability is improving but it sure is not getting any worse.

There is still not to be done in a normal day, except stairs and sitting down and reading and sleeping off the drugs and today I watched 'Sex and the City' movie 1.

It's been a good slow quiet day.

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