Thursday, 5 June 2014

Verve Restaurant at Broadie still my favourite!

This wonderful restaurant is our 'go to' place when we want guaranteed great interesting food for an occasion or we just want to spoil ourselves rotten.

As it was birthday evening, it was predictable that this is where we would go.

When we arrived we noticed immediately that Shelley wasn't there, we are old but not completely stupid after all. Lisa greeted us warmly and seated us and told us that she was the new Shelley and we were pleased to be able to be a part of her very new venture.

Lisa had wisely kept all that, in our humble opinions, had made Verve so successful. The chef, the varied menu, the relaxed atmosphere and the knowledgeable Michael.

We decided to push the boat out and  went the whole hog with the Degustation menu - ooooh so many courses of absolute deliciousness and empty plates some of which I had managed to scrape finger clean before Michael took 'em away.... Soo Yum!!

Here's some pics. The photos are not even close to as fab as the food! The full menu is on Verve's web site.

Beetroot many tasty ways with an unusual egg ( Lisa Called it something else)

Empty Plate - nothing tucked into a serviette, all down the cake hole!
No 2  Scallops and stuff - not sure if it was prettier than it was tasty cos it was bloody fantastic.

Pork and apple and stuff Yummo!! 

Lamb 3 ways - abso-bloody-lutely delicious! I did worry that the orange stuff was pumpkin, but just to make my evening perfect, it was carrot puree!


Dessert, too many drinks by now for a well focused shot, but I had to be restrained from picking the plate up and licking it clean. I was in polite company after all!

Cheese. I have never ordered a cheese board at the end of a meal. I can't imagine a time when I would want cheese over sugar at this time in the evening, but the menu caters for all tastes..
Steve decided to try all the wines that went with the meals and I just drank bubbles. The wines that were served did indeed smell very fine and the parade of different glasses was most impressive.. He reckoned that they went well with the food.
The pace of our evening was leisurely and calm and there was never any hint that we needed to hurry along. When we booked there were none of those fashionable threats that you can only stay for an hour and a half and then be kicked  unceremoniously to the kerb, whether or not you have finished chewing up your last mouthful.
Verve is a place designed to allow you to enjoy truly delicious food prepared with care and attention to detail and served with skill and pride.
We wish Lisa and her Staff great success and look forward to our next night out at Verve.

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