Wednesday, 18 June 2014

RACQ Gold Standard Customer Service

Sueann is a delightful woman who RACQ at Carindale is lucky enough to have working on their front desk. She greets punters with a smile, and queries, regardless of complexity or strangeness, are handled with ease and grace and humour and aplomb.

I can only imagine that most people who rock on in there have a problem that they feel is something akin to climbing Everest but she puts her head down, organises a few dozen Sherpas and cracks on. If the machines are running slowly she fills in the time gaps with interesting tales of quirky folk with troubles which make yours seem a bit trite and she offers all sorts of solutions to the problems at hand and is never the least bit push or 'up-selly' Truly, yesterday when Belly and I were in there, I was so comfortable, I thought briefly about camping there permanently and it is no secret just how must I hate camping.

We had come straight from the Up-selling capital of the world - The Optus shop, and had fully expected more of the same, but it was like sliding into a parallel universe where people are pleasant and their only aim is to see that you get what you need at a price you can afford.

The customer service manual used by RACQ to train their staff should be compulsory for all front of house staff everywhere in the world!

Yeh I know this is Hyberbole, but wouldn't it be lovely?

Thanks again Sueann!

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