Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sydney's Public Transport - Oh Yeah!

I am not a fan of waiting and other people's stink and slobber and sweat and leaning, so in the abstract I am never interested in using public transport, but in Sydney, they seem to have got it just RIGHT.

For 5 days I travelled on trains and ferries all courtesy of my mate's Opal Card - the Sydney 'Tap and Go' equivalent of the London Oyster or the Brisbane Go cards. The card is not yet use able on all the buses, but I believe this is the next thing on the list and some routes are being trialled already.

Anyway, over 5 days I reckon I waited in TOTAL about 15 minutes for a ferry or a train to come along and, No I did not have a timetable in my pocket that I ran to religiously. This was just serendipitous timing. How bloody fantastic is that?

Admittedly we didn't want to go anywhere during rush hour so that made life a lot less crowded I suppose. But the ease of getting around was excellent. If at anytime we were not sure, there was a staff member more than happy to help out and we were never given a bum steer.

We hopped on and off the inner city trains using different lines and one day I went as far afield as Parramatta. All very easy, clean, fast, safe, pleasant and cheap, and the ferries have always been a favourite. Really, the locals are just so bloody lucky!

I know there must be a point from the city centre beyond which a car would be necessary, but I certainly did not ever mourn the lack of one.

Sydney is such a fantastic city, so much to do, so much to see. I hope that Sydneysiders take time to smell the roses.

Before I head back next time I will have my own little bit of OPAL and I just can hardly wait to use it!.

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