Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Abused becomes the abuser

What sort of a man drops his 9 year old kid off at a school dance without the requisite glow sticks or any money and disappears into the dark to sit at the local pub until pick up time?

What kind of person leaves a kid in hysterical tears of utter sadness time after time, after bullying hateful phone calls?

What kind of arse teaches a kid to lie, by sitting them down and saying, 'Now we are going to tell a lie.' and showing them how to deliver it with body language which might be most convincing?

What sort of spiteful turd uses lies and manipulations and bullying against a kid's mother to get what they want?

Well of course it's the same sort of dead beat shit for brains who quits his forever easey peasey council job with all the perks so he doesn't have to pay any child support for said kid.

There are all sorts of trite definitions for what constitutes parental love, and god knows I am no expert. I reckon I have got it wrong almost as many times as I have got it right, but there are some things I know.
  • put the kid first - protect 'em, feed 'em, clothe 'em, school 'em, love 'em.
  • do without so your kid doesn't have to.
  • love 'em even when they give you the shits.
  • talk to 'em, with 'em and when necessary at 'em.
  • play with 'em
  • listen to 'em
  • learn with 'em
  • show 'em they are loved.
There is probably a very long list, but I reckon this would be a good start.

I know all 'the books' say 2 parents are better than 1 but I just don't reckon that is always the case.

It must give this fella a great deal of pleasure watching how he upsets his boy. He used to lament his own sad childhood and carry on about his hateful and hated father. How fucking pathetic! I wonder if he sees his father when he looks in the mirror.

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