Friday, 27 June 2014

Harvey Norman's David.

Years ago when we were busy building the Big House, I developed a first name friendship with the Harvey Norman Bloke. David helped me out more times than I can recall now. He didn't mind that I used to go into his shop and just play with the fridge handle of my choice, even after I had ordered and paid for another one - Yeh he knew I was ultimately gonna crack and part with the stupid money for the one I visited so he was patient. I changed the order at the last minute just before all the appliances were delivered.

We had, courtesy of David, extended warranties on most things and these were well used, but not so handy that I would be routinely tempted to part with large sums of wonga for 'em.

Anyway, as my washing machine had begun to chew its way through some of my favourite clothes I knew it was time to head on into Harveys once again.

I reckon that washers have a pretty limited shelf life, so when I went about a bit of research into a new one, I discounted all those expensive imported jobbies, cos by the time I stuff 'em overfull and work 'em too hard, they just don't last anyway. So I settled on an LG and as Harveys was having a sale I thought YIPPEE. Well actually I didn't. I mean who ever really wants to spend money on a washing machine? Haircuts and shoes are a much more exciting way to distribute the readies!

Last week I went in and looked at them all and decided, but I just couldn't part with the cash, so I put it off and put it off, and my old clunker ate up more and more of my clothes. It was becoming expensive NOT having a new machine.

Harveys has a scratch and dent shop just down from the flash place at Bundall so before the AMEX was swiped we went in for a final comparison, after all if the boring old machine is a little dented, well who really would care.

We walked in and bugger me if I wasn't greeted by my long ago machine friend David. We caught up quickly had a good look around. David showed me a walloper fella and as it was an LG and a front loader and it was on super sale, even though it was not at all what I had researched we just DID IT.

My new laundry slave was delivered today. Very efficient! It was supposed to be installed but that, it seems, was too much trouble. The driver wanted to drive and the young fella who was happy to fiddle probably just had to do as he was told. The hoses leaked and Steve spent a lovely hour or so on his back fiddling with the little legs to balance it perfectly.

So the delivery was a disappointment, but that does not take the shine off the still excellent service we got from David, and so we will continue to head to Harveys for all things electrical, especially as they price match even online prices.

I have run the new machine. It is a quiet giant and sings a little song when it's done. It's all very jolly and it certainly beats the shit out of whacking your clothes against a rock to clean 'em.

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