Friday, 13 June 2014

Round 2 GCCC


Shadow boxing took on a whole new mean today when I met with Lester, the delightful author of the threatening letter issued on Council letter head. And what a charming 30 minutes it was!

I do not know, nor do I care to know if Lester has any tattoos hidden under his very fetching council uniform, but if he doesn't, I would suggest that he might consider getting, "I am not obliged to tell you that." tattooed across his forearm so he could just whip up his sleeve anytime some Joe Public asks him a question. This way he could save himself jaw action and spit.

Does the complainant work at the council? "I am not obliged to tell you that."

Do you know the Complainant? "I am not obliged to tell you that." 

What evidence did you gather before you sent the letter? "I am not obliged to tell you that."

How many similar letters did you send this week?   "I am not obliged to tell you that."

How can I address the complaint if I do not no the specifics of it? Ahh something different... A SHRUG!

Bless him!! Lester did take full responsibility for sending the letter. No not everyone about whom a complaint is raised is lucky enough to receive one.

He chooses!!

No explanation of how he arrives at his little pile of standard letters -"I am not obliged to tell you that."

He didn't want to discuss why he had actioned a single complaint, when Bob the field officer, had assured me that any further action would have required at least 2 complaints. "I am not obliged to tell you that."

Is the term Public Servant pass√©? Are these people, with their snouts buried deep in the public money trough, supposed to be there serving the public?  Is it possible that it is politically incorrect to assume that the public who part with the cash that fills the trough into which these snouts are buried, should no longer expect some service for their dollar? Could it be that those who used to be called Public Servants are now just bathing in our cash getting off by telling us,  "I am not obliged to tell you that."

Again I am left wondering who provides the training for these people. Seriously, if all you can teach someone to say is , "I am not obliged to tell you that." then either there is something terribly flawed with the training package or new recruits are urgently needed.

If a reasonably bright soul is doing an honourable thoughtful job then they should be able to answer questions with honesty and integrity without fear of getting themselves buried deep in doggie doo do.

And if a system doesn't allow people to behave in this manner, then the system is very seriously flawed and is in need of immediate change.

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