Thursday, 12 June 2014

Round ONE at Gold Coast City Council

The big meeting about the Dog Threat Letter was planned for 11.30am today.

We rolled up early and were prepared to wait for Lester. Unfortunately Mr Lester Soloai Animal Management Inspector, believed that unless an appointment was confirmed TWICE, it meant that it was cancelled. Lester and I had a brief phone conversation during which he rather grudgingly agreed to meet me tomorrow morning at 11am.

While we were in the council building we thought it prudent to get all the documents needed to apply for information through the Information Privacy Act, ratified.

I had already carried out the detailed phone instructions, but they proved incorrect, so after email hoops had been placed, I decided that rather than just randomly hurdle them and wait for a delayed adjudication as to my style, I would get an immediate response, so I could make any adjustments necessary in a more timely manner.

I asked Karen, customer service officer,  if she was a JP and could witness our IDs, she said, 'Yes.' But instead of getting out her stamp and official stuff she started asking a lot of questions cos she had gone on to read my letter of request which of course was none of her business. I wondered why. She kept asking more questions. I asked why she wanted the information.

She asked again and again, 'Do you not think I am being helpful?' finally I said, 'No.' Karen disappeared. When she returned she witnessed our IDs and said the request was in order.

Seems there is some problem with the Council's own paper work.... Oh BOOOO HOOO I say. And it seems that Karen was rather hoping that I might have been inclined to help her sort it out while landing my dog in a pile of doo do. I don't think so! Seems that perhaps there might be some small problem with the bloody threat letter the council has sent out. I guess I will find out more on that tomorrow.

When did customer service become a euphemism for 'treat people like shit and throw as many jobs' worth clich├ęs around as possible'? It seems that customer services staff are taught to use inflammatory phrases in the very real hope that the people making complaints lose their rag and go off like rockets so said staff then have the right to pull down the shutter and tell the customer to leave. I reckon they do it on purpose. It's all part of their training!

'Do you not think I am being helpful?' on a loop is not aimed at being helpful or calmative, in the least little bit.

I am more than a little curious about tomorrow's instalment. Steve has already said he will not be able to attend as he has no patience for fools, so I will breath deeply and know that the only way to get what I want from Lester is to be that last man standing. Yeh it's a game of SURVIVOR.


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