Friday, 20 June 2014

Migraine: Endep,Topomax, Sandomigran, or BOTOX

The hoops we jumps through to placate the government huh? Seems sometime back it was discovered that many Botox injections around the face and neck and shoulders makes a remarkable difference to more than 70% of people who suffer from chronic migraine.

Now wouldn't you think that would be cause for a street parade and a marching band!

Instead the powers that be decided that prior to the multi-jabber, patients had to prove they were serious, or seriously fucked at least by trying out at least 3 different drug regimes. And these drugs are not for the feint hearted. I guess the government wanted to weed out those women who wanted to swap the beautician for the neurologist. Seems pretty extreme to me!

I have always strenuously avoided anything that fucks with the my ability to think. I am a control freak. I am happy to admit it. I have never felt the allure of sliding into an abyss of the unknown to escape whatever awful is present. I am a take charge kinda girl, so the idea of  trying out these drugs with their mind altering side-effects has never filled me with joy.

But needs must and all, cos I just didn't want to die, folded over the loo throwing up, crying cos my head hurts, every other day, and I really thought the Botox was worth a shot- pun intended.

So a good while ago my body began to rattle and my mind left the building. On a good day I could remember my name and sometimes I was lucky enough not to fall asleep in a pool of my own spit while watching afternoon tellie - bloody good thing I was not employed operating heavy equipment or even in charge or 30 kids I reckon!

Through the haze you'd think I would at least have been migraine free, but no such luck, so after giving the first one a go, I tried the next one! And then anothery.

Who thinks this shit up? Building up, weaning off, through the drug haze.

Let's further torture someone who has a long documented history of debilitating migraine by making them go through months trailing meds which were not even designed for migraine prevention in the first place. Topomax is an Epilepsy medication, and Endep is prescribed for depression.

Why is it not possible to just go, 'Oh Yippee!! This Botox seems to work in 70% of cases and you will still be able to dress yourself in the mornings and remember to brush your hair and not look too much like the crazies out of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest', so why not give a burl?

I don't know about the cost differential, god I am glad that I am weaning myself off all these shitful chemicals enough to even think of those words, but in terms of the benefits to me there has to be some.

All this mind altering shit and still the migraines continue. I have been a dribbling mess to prove that the fucking pills are shit and have jumped through the hoops so that perhaps some time in August the Neurologist can stick me a gazillion times with some shit that might or might not stop the migraines, but that at least, will not leave me like some crazy retarded dribbling fool.

I look forward to giving that a go!!

I can't help but wave the feministo flag and wonder if migraine was a predominantly male complaint if all this shit would be necessary.

Bring on August...

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