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We still don't know what this is, but it is so heavy that it would make an excellent murder weapon, assuming some amazon was tossing it about.

 I love an Auction!

When I am in the market for something specific, I will trawl eBay and will happily bid away, yeh I have been known to go over the price I had set myself in the thrill of the moment, but I guess that's what auctions do. People come along in the hope of getting a bargain and sometimes pay too much.

That silly sculpture was 'won' at an art auction.

Stevie and I used to pop along and have a look at stuff and if things grabbed our attention we'd sit in and bid, if the lots were on early, and sometimes we'd just leave cos it all got a bit tedious and other times, like the 'Sculpture Day' we sat down the front, hadn't even sighted the damn thing and when some well muscled fellas walked onto stage with it, we looked at each other and smiled and nodded and then I put up my number and bugger me we bought this thing that has brought us not a millisecond of joy. Ho hum.

I am not pretending that this method is good advice. Far from it in fact, it is exactly what NOT to. Thankfully I have not fallen into this trap too often, although I have been known to buy shit on eBay that was just utter rubbish and had to hit the dump, like the double bed and mattress I found for about a penny and a half, that was seriously unsafe cos it was missing some bits that held it all together and the mattress, well let's just say that the previous sleeper would never have been allowed to check in at an aged care facility if continence was mandatory. Yeh it was fucking hideous. Off to the dump it went.

But eBay had been useful. I have won lots of furniture and a lot of it I really like. It's good and comfy, but you never really know what you have got til it comes home and there certainly is no guarantee. So the couch on the back deck is a winner but the office chair I bought Stevie one year was just a great big pile of shit, which he hated and was put to rest uncomfortably at - yeh you guessed it, the dump. And the upstairs white couch is a winner but the water bed from the 'piss house' - even smellevision wouldn't come close to just how horrid the place was, has had ever bit replaced and I do believe that my girl and I are about ready to see it off finally once and for all.

Upstairs white couch - an eBay winner

Other times we have been smarter. We have done a little research on the old BING and found info about artists and recent sale prices and set a limit we'd happily pay for stuff that we like. This is good advice. And I don't think we have ever bid on any painting that we didn't really really like, I mean I can see the point of art for investment as part of a superannuation thing, but that's not for me. I want to hang stuff that I enjoy looking at and wondering about. I don't want to have to keep an eye on resale prices.

So since the Big House has been on the market, I have been off to lots of house auctions. Sometimes these are exciting and sometimes you just know that the fix is on and some sort of scam is playing out. It could well be that this is because it's at the Goldie where all too often things aren't what they seem. Some of the auctions have been exciting though, usually the ones that end in a sale. I think it might be because the auctioneer is so astonished that something is gonna happen that they throw out their shitful script and ad lib a bit. This gets lively and is the stuff of reality TV.

We are thinking about putting the Big House up for an auction.

If it sells - goodo.

If not - never mind, but we can call it quits at least for the time being, knowing that the next owner just isn't out there yet.

Have you ever auctioned your house?
Would you buy a house at auction?

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