Monday, 30 May 2016

Google+ .....Online dating

No I am not thinking of kicking the Pom into touch, I mean where else would I find someone to collect up the dog shit and make make me a yummo roast, remembering to wash his hands between times, as well as keeping my credit card bills in check and loving my family and putting up with all the gore and bullshit of any usual day...yeh without being too saccharine slopping, he's a bit of a keeper.

But if I did find myself single and looking, I reckon I would run a bloody mile from anyone contacting me via Google+.

Lately I have had a number messages from blokes wanting to keep in contact, stating some bullshit story about how beautiful I am, and how much they would enjoy getting to know me better.

Well I usually just delete 'em without even looking.

They remind me of those stories about Nigerian Princes.

Sometimes I fancy playing along just to see how long it takes 'em to put their hand out for cash, but seriously life is just too fucking short for that sort of wasted effort and time.

I know that trawling the online dating sites is the way to go these days, but I am such a cynic that I can't see me playing along, and it's not cos I haven't ever done the blind dating thing.

Back in the day when desperate and dateless men and women would post ads in the Courier Mail on a Saturday, I would from time to time have a look and dial in the code and leave a voice message and my phone number.

Yep I met some very odd men.

Always in a public place, never giving away my address, it seemed pretty harmless to slap on a bit of lippy and a clean dress and grab a coffee on an afternoon when my girl was with her father. I suppose there is always a risk that your date might be a psycho and so I guess I was lucky, that they were just boring or ugly or liars or married or union reps or really smelly.

It would all too often be an exercise in, ' Can I bugger off politely in less than 15 minutes?' and once bitten it would take a while to once again open the paper.

But these Google+ contacts are a little confronting, cos there is nothing on my profile that indicates I am on the hunt for a fella, and so the idea that these men are trawling through literally thousands and thousands of profiles and leaving a gizillion inane little messages is a bit creepy.

I suppose they are playing the odds.  

Maybe they have worked out that they need to leave 400 messages for women of a certain age, before they find one sad lonely gal who's defenses are down, who might be good for a fine fleecing.

I am not at all sure how people of any age get to meet up with prospective partners, but I hope that the old plan of going to the pub and having drinks and dancing like a maniac and swapping phone numbers might not be dead and buried. It's got to at least be as reliable as swiping through pictures and profiles.

Shit I am sooo pleased that I am not on the hunt.

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