Thursday, 5 May 2016

How Long is Long Enough?

No, I am not gonna have a go at 50 Shades of rooting around.... those archive files are about slammed shut, and I am not at all sure that I have the ability to translate what makes me smile that sly smile into written down stuff.

What I am wondering is how long do you sit by the phone waiting for someone to ring you back?

We can all recall waiting for that special hot fella to call and then when he did, you'd speak in code so your parentals didn't know what you were on about - oh surely that wasn't only me? The house phone - the ONLY phone, was in the lounge room right next to where they sat watching the tellie. Discretion and a lot of whispering was the order of the day. And if I was the one making the call, there'd have been a flurry for change and a quick prayer to the telecom gods that the local phone booth had not been too badly vandalised.

Phone calls used to be all just a little exciting. Cos I remember very clearly living without a phone in the house as a kid, and then we had one! Bloody marvelous! And when I got married at the ripe old age of 19, we didn't have cash enough for a phone and had to troop up to the public phone booth to organise parties or job interviews or let the parents know we were still alive.

The calls were few and far between, cos back when Donald Trumpeter was but a wee irritating off key recorder, it was expensive, and people still liked to look each other in the eye and smile and laugh out loud instead of  all this LOLing.

This must be quite the revelation to the Text Generation.

Back in the day, phones were answered and calls were returned cos that was just good manners. Sure people were not nearly as contactable and the number of calls far fewer so the pressure to chat and return calls was less.

Today with texts and emails and calls and facie and Instagram and all that stuff, it is no surprise that return communication is slower. People are far busier getting no further along.

But knowing this doesn't make me any more patient.

It gives me the shits when people don't call back in a timely fashion.

Yep today I am waiting for a call back.

And whilst I want to go off like a rocket, when you are after a bit of a favour, it's just more diplomatic to suck it up and resist the urge to launch into a tirade about manners and etiquette. But still I am waiting and it gives me the screaming irrits.

So I rang her back and she's still not happy to pick up the phone...another message left with the PA. Ho fucking HUM.

How long is long enough for you?

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