Friday, 20 May 2016

It's been a good week.

10 lovely things that have happened this week. No I am not going all mushie and new age on your arses... but it has been a good one.

1. The Autumn sunsets have been bloody jaw droppingly beautiful. Stevie was working in his study and I called him to have a look and we both stood there and watched as the colours morphed and then dried away to darkness. 3 days in a row I have been lucky enough to be vertical for this show.

2. The Shingles have almost left the building! Yep yesterday was the first day for almost a month I have been able to wear a bra, not that I find the shitful things exciting, it's just that with a bra on, I have more choice about what to more agonising about how obvious it is to the world that this old gal has left 'em swinging in the breeze, and it also meant that I was able to pop some Bio Oil onto the rashy scar mess and and that has felt a lot better. Be gone you fucking Shingles!!

3. I left the house for what seems like the first time in a long time. We popped down to Byron Bay. It's always a pleasant drive, especially as Stevie does the driving. We take Dog and have a mooch around. Yesterday we spent up big on a couple of new flags for the pontoon cos the old ones are just faded rags. Yep, 2 hours driving for 20 bucks worth of flags. I am sure they are available closer, but I just don't know where.

4. Even though we drove to the new location for my blood specialist, after I had suffered the bouncing of a previous reccie so I wouldn't get lost, and found that they hadn't moved in yet and then we had to pay for the fucking parking and then drive back to the old place, we still made it on time!! and I didn't go nutso at the new secretary for not informing me that they hadn't moved anytime during the last 4 communications.... seriously all she needed to say in any one of those conversations was, 'Oh by the way we are still at the old place.' They were meant to have moved in April. BUT STILL WE WERE ON TIME!

5. My scores are in and I am pleased to say that I am on 1.2.... That means sort of 1.2% of my white cells are still mutant. When I started there were 54% of the weird little fuckers so that is some good progress. For those of you mathematically minded, work this one out.... it is possible to have a score of more than 100%. Yeh I can't get my head around that either but then I have never pretended to be a numbers genius.

6. I have a parcel for my friend's birthday, that I am very pleased about... Tomorrow will be the litmus test, but for mow I am happy.

7. I have attempted to dye my hair a bright purple today. In fact I am sitting here with the sploodge still doing it's best while wrapped in Glad Wrap and a towel. I can't remember the last time I might have attempted this myself, but the mood grabbed me and I was never gonna be able to get an appointment at this late hour so what the hell. It's falling out anyway so if it is truly shitful, it won't be forever.

8. I have a new dress to wear to a party tomorrow night. Yippee! And I feel like I might be able to be vertical for the event! Earlier in the week I was not at all sure I was gonna make it. So bring on the candles!!

9. The weather has turned, finally and so all week I have had a little coverlet on the bed. Yeh it's still warm during the day, but it is soo lovely to not have to wonder whether a fan or the air con is necessary to sleep. The nights close in so quickly that it seems reasonable to expect a bit of a chill in the air and this week I have not been disappointed.

10. Tracey came by and did my ironing and even though the basket is, let's face it almost never fucking empty, it sure took the pressure off. She sent me a text thanking me for allowing her to do it and asking if I wanted her again would it be ok if she brought her own iron... Maybe that's why I hate it... my iron is fucked? Really I think she might have just been touting for more work, but it was still a surprise and a pretty way of going about it.

So all up it's been a good one!

See what happens when I set my mind on NOT whinging...Fucking amazing what you can come up with really.

Please let me know the best of your week.

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