Wednesday, 25 May 2016

'Kiss Bang Love'

What the very fuck is going on? Is this why Aussie actors head overseas to find work cos this is the sort of shit that qualifies as entertainment on local tellie?

Some bird, wearing a bandanna over her eyes, snogs a dozen blokes and then picks her best 5 and then, well then, really who the fuck cares, cos I am back thinking about swapping spit with a dozen strangers, one after the other and am feeling just a little sorry for the poor sod who stumps up for soggy seconds and thirds and ninths. OOOOH YUK! I think I might have just thrown up a little in my mouth - lucky I am not kissing any of 'em huh?

Is there mouth wash between pashes?

Do all the fellas have to be clean shaven or is pash rash just an occupational hazard?

Is she contracted to go at it for a minimum time frame, even if the guy is just a stinking bit of filth?

Why did she not get to kiss any women?

I'll happily admit that I might have, in my younger years, stuck my tongue in places that would have been better left unexplored, but I do seem to recall that any woman, spied snogging more than a couple of blokes in one drunken pub outing,  was generally labeled 'slut', 'harlot', 'slag'... yeh I am sure you get the idea.

And the very premise that a good kiss - (what the fuck is that anyway?) is an indication of true love, is so seriously flawed. PLEEEEEAAAASSE! what a load of crapolla.

Is it any wonder that acting and writing and directing talent all head away. While this is where the networks spend their money there is no budget for actual gripping entertainment.

UK TV and re-runs of MASH are so far superior, and really there is room for improvement there too.

But it's possible that I am just out of touch and that this shit has become a staple in the tellie watching diet of most Aussies. And if that's the case, well fair enough I guess, I just have to suck it up and swallow my spit cos the majority are getting what they want.

But if, like me, you are fed up with this shit, then maybe you would like to voice your objections to the Networks. Maybe we could all boycott what ever products are being touted in these time slots and maybe, just maybe, the Networks could go back to employing talented Aussies, instead of just waving them a fond farewell.

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