Friday, 3 July 2015

Winter pudding in a heartbeat

It's an odd thing about the closing in of the days and the cooler evenings. Finally we have had some cool and today I had a look in the fridge and saw no treaties for pud and lo and behold a quick little recipe appeared on my facie feed.

Well wasn't that just a bit of serendipity!

I had everything necessary and a few minutes to spare so I whipped one up and it tasted so good that I set up a couple for pudding making later on. I mean even I can bother with chucking something in the Nuker for 3 minutes.

Masterchef it ain't...for that I would need to be able to make a chocolate gnash and squirt it into the centre and finish it with some crazy praline flourish for a bit of crunch, but for the 2 of us snuggled up under a blankie watching the tellie it will just have to do, oh I might be able to manage a dollop of cream.

Here's what you need.

A tall coffee cup - mine was about 5-600ml

4 tablespoons of SR Flour
4 tablespoons of sugar
2 Tablespoons of Cocoa

mix em up in the cup very well.

break in an egg and mix it up well....use a little fork.

Add in 3 tablespoons each of milk and oil ( not flash stuff ) and mix in really well.

Tip in 3 tablespoons of choc chips if you have 'em.. ( these tended to sink to the bottom and get a bit stuck but that might have only been in the proto type. Later tonight I am gonna try just sprinkling 'em on the top and not stirring them in.

Pop the cup full of splodge into the Nuker and cook on high for 3 minutes. Don't worry about trying to wipe down the sides before cooking.

Turn out the cake onto a plate and serve with whatever pudding condiments grab you.

Reckon it would be possible to add in walnuts or coffee or anything else that can go in a cake...There's the trouble with me and recipes, I just can't ever leave well enough alone.

Good luck 

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