Friday, 10 July 2015

Oh Shit ...I am a NIMBY

There's been a lot of scuttle about the village lately about a new development just across the road.

I always thought I embrace change. I enjoy new things and find making a new way pretty exciting. This might explain why I have lived in more than a dozen houses in the last 15 years. Moving house is of course a pain in the arse, but it's also exiting and an excellent excuse to chuck out all manner of shit - yeh I am not a natural hoarder.

But the news about some rather shit sounding development across the road fills me with dread, and not just cos it'll be noisey and messy for a very fucking long time, but because I don't want to live across from hundreds of people instead of just 8 households. I really bloody don't.

Actual information about the prospective market for the 89 or is it 105 flats or flatettes is very hard to come by. The developers just want to gather permissions from Council and then I guess we will find out the whos and the whens and the whys.

The plans are for 105 flats over 3 floors. The average size of the flats is 50square metres. They are either 1 bedroom or studios and there are 5, 2 bed flats. There are 2 lifts and there is underground parking for 110 cars. There is a communal kitchen and a pool and a gym room and what seems to be a movie room.

A development Board went up today and I have just 3 weeks to put in an objection, if in deed I do object. I just can't decide how much of a NIMBY ( Not in My Back Yard) I wanna be.

So my question to you is this...Who do you reckon is gonna move in? I have stopped wondering about who is gonna BUY 'em, cos I reckon almost certainly they are gonna be rented out.

Would you wanna live across the skinny suburban road from 100s of people who were not there when you bought your home?

Go on - tell me I am being a dick and to mind my own business - I can take it.

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